Sunday, August 16, 2015

Project 365, Week 33

Its summer! And this week was filled with nearly perfect weather. We got to do some fun outings and see more family and friends that I hadn't seen in a long time and have lots of chill time, enjoying the easy flow of summer.

Life is sweet.

August 9
The stars aligned and we were all in the house at the same time for a meal. R helped me cook and the kids set the table and we sat down at the table together (except Amanda, who was sick in the other room...but we could hear her coughing so it was like she was with us ;). I can't even venture a guess as to how long its been since we did this. It was nice.

Avery, Aiden and I went for a little walk/ride. This boy is getting so big!

R asked if he and his girlfriend could take the kids to the local fair. I did the driving of the kids, but they did the fair on their own. I thought it was sweet that they wanted them along. Amanda was sick but the other two had a blast. They kept me updated with pictures. :)

August 10
I posted about this day, but here are a few more sweet moments from the beach trip.

August 11
I have a very low tolerance for screens of any type. One of the benefits is I get to listen in on these two playing make-believe with their superhero lego set.

August 12
I need a t-shirt: I survived back-to-school shopping '15!

I go with the best of intentions but my max time for shopping of any kind is about 45 minutes. 

August 13
Someone gifted Amanda a box of horses...she was thrilled!

Lots of choreography to TobyMac songs happening around here.

We got to spend some time with this little guy and his mom and big brother. The last time I saw him he was crawling and now he's a walking machine.

Girls Night In. My porch is meant for leisurely dinners around the table on warm summer evenings. What a life-giving blessing!

August 14
This boy devotes a lot of time to figuring out how things work.

The girls updated their door. Makes me smile.

More visitors! We said goodbye to two of our favorite college students. :( We've done a lot of life with these friends and we're so grateful for the godly influence their girls have had on our girls.

August 15
Battleship with these two...a recipe for disaster. Somehow we made it through, and mostly had fun.

As Shaun headed out to church with the kids, I was struck by how big they looked. Wait! Let me take a picture! Let me freeze this ordinary moment forever. Let me hold on to the richness of life right now.

I'm deciding today to make it a good week. Hope you'll join me!


The Bug said...

Looks like a great week - love those ordinary moments. It WAS sweet of R & his girlfriend to take the kids to the fair!

Amy said...

My favorite picture of the week is the one of Aria and Amanda in the doorway. My favorite note of the week is that you could hear Amanda coughing so it was like she was with you. Ha!!!!!