Friday, August 14, 2015

Outerbanks, Part I

Occassionally I get asked how I keep up with blogging. To me, its more how do you not keep up? If I didn't keep up, I think I would quickly give up, daunted by the task of catching up. Obviously July was a challenging month, so I did fall behind, at least in my head. But I really didn't want to let our incredible vacation in Outerbanks, NC go undocumented.

There are so many amazing memories from our time in OBX this past June. Its was three years in the making, beginning with hey, we should...and then about a year out careful planning, house-hunting and correspondence started happening, thanks to the tremendous efforts of my sister and cousin. It all culminated into a week-long adventure, with 42 people (21 adults, 21 kids) from six different states, arriving in nine different cars gathering under one roof.

There was a pool and hot tub at the house, a beach a couple blocks away and plenty of common living space. Breakfast and lunch were "on your own" but for dinner each family took an evening preparing dinner for our small army and we gathered together. 

The days consisted of splashing, surfing, sand-digging, pool-swimming, reading, napping, eating, laughing, board games, tea parties, poker, long talks, walks, puzzles, corn hole, beach-sitting.

In addition to the above, some of my personal favorites were: sunrise-watching (we don't just dabble in this...some of us have nearly reached professional status), hammock laying (starting with my bible and ending with my eyes closed...sleeping, not praying ;), Crossfit workouts (held in the early mornings, though post-sunrise viewing, led by our ruthless trainer, Colombo), evenings at the beach (no sun, no crowds and most of us were there together), being with so many of my favorite people (despite our many imperfections, our family has some seriously incredible people).

Not surprisingly, I had my camera in hand much of the time....its just what I do. Here's a peek into our week.


Melody said...

love, Love, LOVE!

The Bug said...

What a great time for your family! And that house is seriously fabulous!

sara said...

such awesome pictures!