Sunday, August 23, 2015

Project 365, Week 34

We squeezed out lots of summer fun in this last full week before school starts. We are still glowing that I am home and we are together and can't seem to get enough of just being.

Life is good.

August 16
Biggest slip n slide in the county is at Pop's house. Hours of fun for these cousins!

August 17
Sienna offered to take the kids to the park with her crew. It worked out well, since I had a fun-filled lineup of social workers and nurses.

August 18
Lots and lots of bike riding and it makes me so thankful for our "new" place. Aiden's even working on The Wheel-y.

Per usual, Shaun has about a dozen really pressing projects and work "things"going, made all the more urgent by the summer/year we've had. This week he crossed off a few items on this building that had been on the list for a long time....that should make the town inspector happy!

I'm so grateful for a wise and hard-working man who does everything with his family's best interest in mind. He carries so much on his shoulders but he knows Who his strength comes from.

Later that evening, Shaun's mom took the kids overnight, so I got to hang out and talk with Shaun while he worked, just like the old days.

August 19
When its a NYC day, we leave at 4 AM to beat rush hour, or at least most of it. What's nice about that is well, the time together of course, but also we get to watch the sun come up and see the day unfold.

More about our trip tomorrow.

August 20
It worked out that the boys were both gone, so Shaun took his girls out. We finished getting the last few school supplies and then went out to dinner.

August 21
Pop and Kiki took Aiden to visit the school where Nathan Hale taught and he came away with stories and a treasured souvenir. Real life super heros!

A week ago we agreed to come off our one-year sabbatical from respite care to take a five year-old for a couple weeks. We talked about it as a family, knowing that I would need lots of help and it was the last little bit of summer, and still everyone was very enthusiastic to take him.

The crazy that comes with an extra "new" body in the house is our normal and its a good bonding and growing experience for our family to have a joint "project". Normal feels good!

This cute little guy arrived at 10 AM with a full supply of energy!

The kids set up an impromptu slip n slide in the rain.

August 22
Hoops, hoops and more hoops!

Aiden-guy is starting school this week so I've spent much of the summer trying to wean him off of  his two hour naps. Clearly, we've had mixed results.


Meg A. said...

I LOVE that first photo of the slip & slide!!! If that doesn't say "SUMMER", I don't know what does!!!

The Bug said...

What a nice normal week for you guys! I'm so glad you're able to help with respite care again - you guys are such a blessing.

If I were Aiden I would NOT want to give up my naps!