Sunday, August 30, 2015

Project 365, Week 35

This week was split between summer and school in session. We took advantage of the amazing weather, of the river just two miles away, of me feeling good and of cousins who live close and can meet us on 15 minutes notice, since that's how we roll. I've included many of the pictures because its summer. And water and kids! And I want to be able to look back and remember that this season consisted of more than four walls and doctors and nurses.

Our week...

August 23
The river!

August 24
Amanda set up a tea party for her siblings. She tried to demand that everyone come dressed in their Sunday best but the idea was met with resistance, so pajamas it was.

I got dressed in real clothes and had a night on the town (thanks for the pic, Aiden).

We were delighted to spend the evening with family and close friends, honoring our incredible niece Madison as she graduates eighth grade (all homeschooled) and enters high school (outside the home).

Most got up to share the cards/letters they had written her...reminiscing, encouraging, admonishing, blessing. We all agree she is a rare jewel, gifted and talented for world-changing purposes.

August 25
Each day started with me taking the little guy for a walk so the rest of the house could sleep. This day we got started later, so we had company.

Cherishing time with this guy...he's always encouraging me about what a good pitcher I am. :)

I wrote the kids notes to tuck in their lunch bags. After the fact, I debated sending a pink heart to Aiden. Is that still ok in 1st grade?? I would hate to be the cause of him getting beat up on the first day! Shaun said he would not have appreciated such a note from his mother. I sent it anyway.

The girls asked if they could go to youtube for some drawing. I was amazed at what they produced.

August 26
First day of school send off. :(

I've been asked how it felt to send my three off to school. Its hard to say, at least for this week, since I still had two fairly high-maintenance boys at home. (This calm, sweet scene lasted exactly five minutes).

There was water leaking into the kitchen through the ceiling. Shaun had to rip open his two year-new ceiling job and portions of the walls on the second and third floor. It was discovered that when a friend screwed on the handrails two years ago, he put a screw through a pipe leading from our third floor bathroom. This week Shaun took the handrail down to do some taping and painting. The water started coming out of the hole the missing screw left.

Within 24 hours the problem was fixed and my kitchen ceiling was replaced, painted and everything, as if nothing happened. Shaun continually amazes me with his knowledge, skill and work ethic.

Early dismissal, no homework, beautiful day...why not?

August 27
Our afternoon got booked solid, watching this crew take down our neighbor's tree....quite fascinating, plus I got to meet and talk with the neighbor, who moved in recently.

Avery's back to the homework grind.

Aiden brought home his first school paper, complete with a sticker and his name written as "Aid" in three different place. He "didn't have time" to write his whole name.

Its always exciting when there's a ladder in the house and the sound of taping tools scrapping together. Shaun's been working tirelessly on some house projects, in between office hours.

Little guy and I hit the jackpot on our walk to the post office. The firemen were testing all their long ladders.

With the kids at Awanas, Shaun and I went on a date to Home Depot, just like the old days.

August 29
Alayna slept over, but the kids left early with Grandma and Bobbi to go to a picnic so I took these two to the park on a glorious morning.


Amy said...

I love the pic of the 6 cousins at the river. Also the one of Shaun praying before school. Also I love what you said about Maddy and her special night. She's still floating. Bummer about your leak, but at least it's fixed and I can't wait to see the progress around the house!

The Bug said...

Is that a baby mohawk? So cute!! Looks like a great last week of summer for you guys.