Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Aiden is Three Months

This morning while I was feeding Aiden, in the absence of a book in my hand, I stared down at him while he contentedly ate., eyes closed, chubby little fist tightly wrapped around the collar of my shirt. Its a sight I see everyday right now, but today I just kept staring, hoping to burn the image in my heart and mind. I want to remember the soft swallowing sound, the warmth and softness of his skin, the way he always grabs onto me. The pleasure in being THE one who can provide for his most basic need to eat. With tears welling in my eyes, I just wanted to freeze the moment....to remember it in six months and six years. But I know I won't. Time chips away at my memory until there are just tiny fragments left. Little pieces I will try to gather up to put this time back together.
As Aiden turns 3 months today, I just want to soak in his fleeting baby-ness. I want to enjoy the cry that calls out to ME, I want to savour his sweet baby smell and the way he loves to tuck in under my neck, grab a hold of a clump of hair or shirt and hang on tight while he cuddles.

He's growing so much, right along with the pile of clothes that don't fit him. He still has trouble finding people when we are trying to make eye contact with him, but he's begun to follow his sisters around the room with his head. I can only imagine what he is thinking as they do their crazy stuff! We love him dearly and are so thankful for the three precious months we've had with him.


sara said...

those are the sweetest times!! I loved the first few months and yet they go the fastest.

so sweet how he is smiling now. You need to do one post with his first picture with the bear so we can compare!

Darla said...

somehow you will remember those things with that special last one. i do. i remember how sweet it was to sit and hold my son for as long as i wanted, completely embracing the moment,the smells, the feel, i still remember. i bet you will to in 14 years. :)

Rae said...

It goes by soooooo fast!!! :(

Andrea said...

I do agree that it seems as if there is NOTHING that we can do to capture that feeling and savor it. I found myself doing the same as they grew bigger, trying to hold on to each snuggle. They quickly move onto the next stage. Take the moments to hold him and just look at him.

LuAnn said...

I love that you take these monthly pictures. Wish I would of done that so long ago.
I remember everything that you said.
I use to rock my kids till they fell asleep. I had a couple of people scold me. I said Iknow I will not be doing this when they are in 1st grade. I just continued rocking them.
Enjoy each moment !!!!

Shawn, Shelva, Symeon and Marin said...

He is so cute and I love the many different faces. Those striped pj's are one of my favorites from Symeon it was fun to see them on Aiden. I also have a pile about 3 times that size to pass down to you so there are lots of clothes to come. Miss you and love you so much.

bentonflocke said...

wonderful words of love - so close and it warms my heart, too!!

Cute shots! I love the second one most - with his smile!!