Friday, October 2, 2009

An Intruder-Part III

There's not a whole lot more to the home invasion, as my dad calls it, story (Part I & Part II), but its more or less wrapped up for me, so I thought I'd fill you in on the last details.

After repeated attempts to have the officer who first responded to my case come out to talk to the construction crew who saw and spoke to the thief, I finally called to speak to a supervisor. A different officer came out and spoke to the guys who are working on my neighbor's house at the time of the robbery and they were able to give quite a bit of information, including a detailed description . From a line-up of ten suspects, they were able to pick out the one they witnessed walk into my house.

The officer asked me to look at the line-up, too but I explained I didn't see anything because I was hiding in the bathroom. He still had me look over the photos. What I saw was ten men, all white, in their 40's, looking like they hadn't showered in a week. It was sad to think its likely all of them have struggled most all of their lives. Perhaps they had rough childhoods or found trouble in their teen years, but to think at 40 they still don't have it together and in fact, are quite lost...sad.

The cop's best guess is that he took my camera down to a crack house and got a $30 bag for it. What the drug dealer will do with it is unknown, he may hold onto it for a while and eventually pawn it or throw it away. Though I'm thankful there were no irreplaceable pictures on the memory card, I really wish there had been NO pictures of my girls on there.

I'm not sure what will happen to the guy, but at this point I feel like I've done all I can to get the police all the information I have. It is unlikely we will ever see that camera again, the officer told us, so Shaun went into high gear researching new (and even used) cameras. My new one is "in the mail"!

My family was very caring and sweet about it. At 34, its nice to know my parents still feel like they want to protect me. My dad lost sleep over it, rolling it over in his mind and getting frustrated with the police response and my mom did some side investigation work. Glad its over and we're moving on!

For the Son of Man came to find and restore the lost.
Luke 19:10


Darla said...

i am just so glad that you and your babies are ok. it's sad to think that people are so desperate for drugs that they would steal from innocent people to get them. very sad...on a lighter note, i am happy that your new camera is 'in the mail' and i can't wait to see more pictures of your sweet sweet babies. :D i just want to send them another package they are so cute! haha.

bentonflocke said...

Great that your new camera is in the mail! Love all your pictures from your three cuties.
Sad to here about the lost men, but I´m still glad, that nothing serious happened to you and your children

Have a nice weekend; and maybe you like to visit sometimes my blog, too??

LuAnn said...

Thank you for part III. Sorry for this whole ordeal. And the men you described - well I know there are people like that where I live and it is very sad.
Just thankful that all of you are o.k.
And how exciting to get a new camera but sad this was the way it had to be.