Monday, October 26, 2009

Fifteen Weeks Old

Another week has clicked by, which is simply amazing. It really feels like he's been with us forever. He's starting to smile so much now (finally!!) and that has been so much fun. He is a momma's boy and likes to be held...and paced. There are lots of times when he is happy playing on his stomach, but his default is to be held. Just this week he's gained enough control to grab at things in front of him on purpose. However, the movement is still jerky and halting and once he's got the toy in his hand, he's not quite sure what to do with it.

He follows voices pretty well and makes eye contact more quickly than ever. He still gets up at night, but I really don't mind...soon enough he won't need me.

His hair is awful right now. Nearly gone on the sides and middle of the back and a stringy, greasy mess on top. Oh, but those eyes and cheeks! Such a love....

The only big sister who was around wanted to hold "baby budder".


Shawn, Shelva, Symeon and Marin said...

He has such beautiful dark eyes. What a handsome little guy!

sara said...

I can not believe that he is almost as big as the bear!!!! How did that happen?!!!