Sunday, October 25, 2009

Project 365, Week 43

October 19
Catching up on four days worth of mail that accumulated while we were away. Normally I like to deal with the mail within approximately 10 seconds of it being delivered. Shaun makes fun of me about it.

October 20
Since Laryssa was out of town, I got to take Amanda (and Avery, and Aiden) to "mimassicks" class. This is a one-handed cell shot...Aiden did not allow me the luxury of taking pictures or even helping Amanda. It was really fun to watch her, though and she seems to really enjoy it. The teacher stayed extra close to her when she was scaling the rock wall, already knowing that she'd be all the way to the top in a flash if left alone.

October 21
Destiny African Chidren's Choir came to minister their song, dance and music at a local church. They did a great job and it is always a good reminder of how desperate the need is outside of our homes and how blessed we are to have what we have. As we were talking before bed that night, the girls had lots of questions. Amanda knew that "the bad guys" had killed some of these kids parents.
Her standard prayer, unless we help her along is, "Jesus, I pray that Daddy will be able to be with us and amen." She started off her prayer about the bad guys as, "Jesus, I pray that the bad guys will be able...", then she paused and thought about it, knowing she certainly didn't want to pray that the bad guys would be able to be with us. After thinking for a second or two she finished off with "the bad guys would be healthy and strong and amen".

October 22
Just a day at home, having fun with my camera. How does my daughter, girly Avery have such a fascination with worms? Here she is with her pet for the hour, "Squirmy Wormy". At one point she let Amanda babysit so she'd have her hands free to turn the pages of the book we were reading on the porch swing.
The girls are really good about playing in their room. Here is Amanda with "my Highness" and the prince.
Our little guy is changing so fast...I think he's starting to take on a new look.

October 23
Cousin Allie came to sleepover, making for a late night and early morning. I guess that is the nature of sleepovers.

October 24
To celebrate my mom's birthday, my sisters and I nudged her into doing her first official (or unofficial, for that matter) race. We stayed together and though no speed records were broken, we all finished!
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Meg A. said...

Looks like a great week! Aiden is looking more and more like you lately. Those big brown eyes are too much! Cracks me up that Avery is good with worms!
You know what's funny is this week I wondered if you guys saw the African Children's Choir and I was curious to hear Amanda's take on it! Sweet to see how her little mind wraps itself around that stuff...even sweeter that you're able to document it.

Dena said...

You children are just so darn cute! And Amanda's prayers for the bad guys is the most precious thing I've "heard" in a long time!

One of my girls has always been a girly girl too and yet she like worms and grasshoppers. I always thought that was so bizarre. :)

rita said...

Avery will make a good fisherwoman, she can handle worms!
Good for your mom and y'all. Your photo reminded me of my photo in week 39 (
You have such a beautiful family!

Kim said...

What great photos! Your kids are so photogenic and every picture of them is adorable. How wonderful to document the year this way! Yeah for your mom's first race! That's so cool that you all did it together :-)

sara said...

I really hate going through the stack of mail after a trip...ugh!

Amanda's prayer was cute, but what was so neat was that she heard what was said at the concert and it impacted her heart.

That baby boy of yours is so sweet!! I just want to reach through the screen and kiss those cheeks!!!

LuAnn said...

Great pictures of the kids - When is your mom's b-day, my mom's is Thursday. Good for all of you finishing the race.