Monday, October 19, 2009

Fourteen Weeks Old

I missed most of this past week with Aiden, but he did just fine without me. Thankfully he didn't seem too much bigger when I got back.

He's gotten very sure holding his head. He likes to suck on his lower lip and he also blows strawberries. We are not working quite as hard to get smiles out of him and though he's serious most of the time, it is heart-melting to get those smiles, especially since they seem to be deliberate now. The hair loss seems to have leveled off and the cradle-cap is not as bad. I just love how he wraps his hands around my neck or arm and snuggles in.

The days of my immobile subject are becoming a thing of the he is trying to sit up...

...and here he is trying to eat bear.

Today after Amanda woke up from her nap, I asked her if she wanted to see Aiden. She said, "Baby Brother is my best friend ever". about a low-maintenance friend! :)

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Darla said...

he is looking soooo much like you Mama, and sooo healthy! lol. cute.