Friday, October 30, 2009

No Place Like Home

Throughout the year of doing Project 365, I've noticed that many of my days (and pictures) are pretty at home. As boring as it may seem to some, that is how I like it.

Back when I was a full-time career woman, my calendar was full. I worked all day, went to school at least two nights a week and the rest got filled up with other activities. I thrived on always being busy and on the go and I think I even felt important because my schedule was full.

Enter Avery May. I quit my bank job to work at home and I immediately fell in love with being home. Not just taking care of Avery but physically being in my house. I've never tested it, but I think it'd be three weeks or more before I would start to go stir crazy from not leaving home. I enjoy traveling, as in taking trips, but I dislike "running errands" for little more than an excuse to get out of the house.

That being said, Avery wakes up everyday and asks, What are we going to do today, Mom? Do, I think, why, we are going to stay here at home and enjoy the monotony that is our daily life. Somedays, like the recent one below, I give in and "plan" an outing. On this particular (beautiful) day, we walked down to Main Street and stopped in to the office where Daddy was working. Then we continued on to the park, but not before the girls got distracted at the town hall front lawn, which is not used as an entrance.

Here's a couple of pictures from our big outing. (I've been teaching myself how to do more things in Photoshop.)

Fix these words of mine in your hearts and minds; tie them as symbols
on your hands and bind them on your foreheads. Teach them
to your children, talking about them when you sit
at home and when you walk along the road,
when you lie down and when you get up.
Write them on the doorframes of your houses and on your gates
Deuteronomy 11:18-20


sara said...

here is where we are opposite!! I love being a stay at home mom, but I can't be "stuck" in my house for too many days before I go crazy!!

I remember a very difficult time in a previous church where I had holed myself up in my house. After about a week, I emerged and my neighbor said..."I was going to give you just over a week and if I didn't see you, I was coming in after you. If you stayed in there more than a week, then I knew you were going to need help!"

I love my home, just need to get out a see people!! :)

Darla said...

i love being at home too Lisa, one of the hardest things for me when the kids got older and busy was to have to go places and enjoy it. lol. as you see, i have to be many places now, and i have adjusted, but i loved it when they were little and we had no where to be. enjoy your time at home, however long it may last! :D

Leep Kids said...

the pictures are beautiful. lisa you are so talanted!!

LuAnn said...

Oh dear Lisa - I loved staying home with my children - but I also can not be stucj=k in my house for two many days or I go crazy myself. Lots of trips to Mc Donalds playland in the a.m. with friends for coffee while the kids played. I have many many fond memories of the kids and I on snowy days, playing hide n seek and so on. I got to stay home full time for the first 12 years and then started part time 15 hrs a week and each year they seemed to go up. Now I am at 30 whick is way to much. But with one child gone and the other 16 they don;t need me too much more. I am always home whe Phil gets home. My kids never did the day care thing or were latch key kids. I feel like that was such a huge blessing in my life to have it that way too.
Enjoy those three little peanuts !!!!