Thursday, October 8, 2009

My Camera Is Here!

After just two short, or long, weeks, depending on your perspective, my camera arrived! Shaun was outside and I was in, so we both nearly tackled the poor UPS man as he tried to deliver the box. Knowing what it meant to me, Shaun was just about as excited as I was.

I can't imagine anyone would be interested in the detailed story of how we decided on this new camera, but several people have asked already, so I thought I'd share in case there is one more person who wants to know. Come to think of it, maybe those people were asking to be polite, not to really know the 15-minute explanation I gave. Kind of like asking, How are you? and just hoping to hear Fine in response. Nah...

The story begins two years ago when I started dropping not-so-subtle hints to Shaun that I would like to step up my camera and enter the world of the DSLR. In true Shaun-fashion, he began madly researching the world of cameras and came up with the Olympus E-510 that he presented to me on Christmas Day. Just two years ago it was the only one with a Live Viewfinder and it also had in-camera image stabilization. The complete package deal was the best value there was out there and all the reviews agreed it was indeed a solid choice.

I really liked that camera and learned SO much while using it. The experience got even better this past Christmas when Shaun bought me a really nice lense for it (30mm f1.4).

When the cop told us there was little chance of ever seeing my camera again, Shaun immediately got on the internet and started doing his mad research again. We assumed Olympus, because that's what I was familiar with and that's what I had all the accessories for, but I also wanted to investigate Nikon, since it is most similar to Olympus.

Olympus works on a special Four-Thirds system that is great, but it makes the lenses harder to come by, since both Nikon and Canon don't use that system. The variety is less and the prices are more. We were finding that the cheesy kit lenses I still had (my good Prime lense was on my camera when it was taken) were not worth working around, since the Nikon lenses were so (relatively) cheap and I could re-sell the Olympus ones.

After hours and hours on the computer researching and reading reviews (mostly by Shaun...the hours, not the reviews) we had it narrowed down to two. We made plans to go to NYC to visit the B&H warehouse, but that fell through. We ended up going to a store here in CT that had the camera on display so I could try it out. The next day I ordered it online.

Shaun is normally frugal and is a master bargain-shopper, but whenever we do a big-ticket item, he likes to shop quality first and then do price second. The Nikon D90 is more camera than I need right now and most certainly more than I deserve, but its one that I can grow into and do well with for many years to come.'s that for an answer to "how are you?" :)

I'm so grateful to Shaun for the interest he showed in the purchase. He cares nothing about photography, except that it is a passion of mine. On more than one occasion, he was up after I'd gone to bed still reading and educating himself on the best camera to move to. I had to be honest with him and tell him if it were reversed and he was looking for a new golf club, that he'd be on his own!

We make a good team. He wants to do everything well (meaning perfect) and thorough and I just want to get it done and call it good enough. There's a balance in there somewhere and together we usually find it.

Thank you, Shaun for taking an interest in the things that are important to me even though you don't know a thing about f-stops. You filled my little love bank right to the top! I can't wait to continue documenting this journey we are on together.

And thank you, dear readers and family and friends IRL (in real life) for your concern and interest. Very sweet!

I find it a bit ironic that a post ALL about my camera includes NO pictures. Don't worry...there will be an overload to come!

Sidenote: If you live close by and trust me to do a shoot for you, let me know when we can schedule a time. If you are wanting them for Christmas cards, then it really should happen by the end of this month so I have time to do the editing before Thanksgiving and all the other holiday "stuff". Also, my tax guy (aka Shaun) says I need to start showing an intent to make money at this, so I will need to start charging a nominal fee. Very nominal, for now. Unless you are family. Or a good friend. Oh, this is going to be hard!


Stephanie said...

Ooh...I'm slightly jealous ;) We have an Olympus that my hubby bought before we were even married. It works great, but it's really basic. I would LOVE a Nikon camera someday. So glad you finally have a camera - look forward to more pictures ;)

Bethany G. said...

Hooray!! She's BACK!! My favorite camera lady!

Meg A. said...

Yippee!! I can't wait to meet her...I'm sure she's just beautiful! :)

Momagoose said...

Okay....ME, US!!! I have had it in my heart since right before your camera was stolen to ask you for another photo shoot! Fall is perfect! Whatever the fee is, is no fee at all! You are excellent and more than deserving of your work (!

Momagoose said...

P.S...only a fellow photographer (Meg) would refer to the camera as a "her"...Too Cute!

just my style said...

I have the d90 too! It does so much, I am still will LOVE it! Can't wait to see your brilliant photos!

Andrea said...

I am so excited for you. It almost feels like a missing portion of you when you are not toting a camera, doesn't it?! Oh, the things older siblings do to those little guys. You've seen Kamden in a crown right? Such fun.

Elizabeth said...

I'm so excited about your new camera, despite the crummy circumstances. And I must say you have guts to search your house knowing there was an intruder. I would have hunkered down in the bathroom and called Tim to search the house for me. ha ha! Can't wait to see all your new pics.

bentonflocke said...

Great news - congrats to your new camera!!!