Sunday, October 4, 2009

Project 365, Week 40

September 27
It was the first chilly day so we all put socks on and us three girls skated and slid and danced across the kitchen floor.

September 28
We hadn't seen my mom in a couple weeks, so she stopped by and was reading stories to the girls .

September 29
Aunt Laryssa made us an offer that if we enrolled Amanda in gymnastics, she would commit to bringing her each week. We took her up on it and she started this week. The first class Laryssa did with her in the "mommy & me" class, but the teacher thought she was ready to move up into the 3-5 year class because she followed directions and was able to leave me (yeah, no problem there!). So, they went the very next day to the class that she will be in for the semester. She seemed to really like it.

Shaun's woodpile is a year-round project, but this time of year the efforts get stepped up. He is moving the pile to the back corner of our lot in preparation for winter and also because we will have a park soon. At least that's what Avery calls the playscape that we are getting this fall. Amanda wanted to be out there in her leotard helping.

We were going somewhere, so I asked Amanda to change out of her leotard. This is what she came down in. Totally picture worthy. Yup, I let her go out like that. Clearly much thought was put into the outfit and I was uninvolved...two very good reasons to just let her do her thing.
September 30
I was getting ready to make dinner and Shaun said, "Let's go to the store (45 minutes away) so you can look at cameras." So in 5 minutes we were all piled in the car and on our way. After we'd spent a considerable time at the store letting me try out the camera and everyone was SO patient and good, we went out to dinner.

Notice the bag of cookies on the table...we didn't buy them and we didn't steal them. Any guesses? Yes, one of the employees thought Amanda was too cute because she hadn't hesitated to engage her in light-hearted conversation, apparently asking her if she got paid to do her job. The woman was glowing and came over with the bag of cookies. The girl has a gift, to be sure.

October 1
After a chilly day in a 60 degree house, we broke down and started the woodstove for the first time of the season. I have a very love/hate with that thing.

October 2
Two little girls oohing over their brother and he's soaking it up.

October 3
The girls like to watch Show Tunes on YouTube, like Sound of Music and Singin' in the Rain.
Of course mine isn't the only 365 project. Sara's hosting some of the others.


Vanessa said...

Lisa, I love the wood stove pic. I wish we had one. We went to that gymnastics school. Nessa from 2-7 and syd from 12 months-3...We stopped this year for the first time because ballet and pre-school. It's a fun place and a good way to make sure the kids get a little extra activity in the winter. Be wary of germs in the gym though! We've gotten our fair share of colds & staff from those mats!

Darla said...

LoVe Amanda's outfit! and the picture of the baby enjoying his sisters. you have sooo many wonderful moments ahead of you in life. have fun!

LuAnn said...

Love Grandma with the girls!! Amanda's outfit is great. I use to let Elizabeth wear what she picked out too. We have the wood pile going on right now too. Just cut two pines down and more more to go today. WOO HOO - I don't think we will ever need wood again.
Have a great week. Blessings to you. Let me know when you get your new camera too.

beckyjomama said...

Great pics - LOVE the wood stove, the one of that sweet baby boy lovin his sissies and especially the sock pic. Because that one took me back to my grandma's house - where a freshly waxed wood floor and a new package of soft socks could always be found waiting for us!

Momagoose said...

Love sock dancing! That is so sweet of Amanda's Aunt to give her an outlet and you a break...way sweet!