Saturday, February 4, 2012

Basketball Saturday

Did I mention we're having so much fun with basketball?  Today they worked on dribbling and one-on-one, two-on-two stuff.

 This was during a three-on-three drill...the two girls were having so much fun "guarding" each other, they missed the entire up and down on the court.
 Avery was in charge of getting Aiden dressed.  Not sure if he picked out his clothes/shoes or she did, but this is what they ended up with.  I am so past caring how my kids look out in public....Avery cured me of that many years ago.  :)

 After an hour break which was enough time to go grocery shopping, we were back for Avery's turn.
She was the woman!
 Amanda's BFF wasn't there today, but Amanda was more than happy to chat her BFF's mom's ear off for the duration.  I made a couple attempts to rescue, but they both seemed happy.  I'm sure the lady knows more about our family from those 30 minutes with Amanda than she would have gotten out of me in three months....or ever.  :)  (See them on the left?)
 Avery took the ball down the court and scored!!  You go, Girl!

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