Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wednesday's Walk

Today's walk goes back to Christmas 2006.  Baby Amanda received a bear from her cousin and it quickly became a favorite among the stuffed-animal kingdom.

Since Avery already had Teddy, this friend quickly became Bear.  Amanda slept with him, talked to him, had tea with him, confided in him, laughed with him, cried with him.  She loved to suck on his satin ribbon and stick it up her nose as she drifted off to sleep.

Bear became so necessary to a good night's sleep that we ruled he must not leave her bed.  Over the years we got lax with that rule and so he started to become more a part of everyday life.

 In December, he met with a very sad fate....he mistakenly got locked in the dog's cage...with the dog!  In true Bear fashion, he just turned the other cheek, taking the abuse without fighting back.

 When we found him, we were devastated.  Amanda, bless her heart still wanted to sleep with him, but it was clear something needed to be done.

I began to scour the Internet for a teddy bear hospital, not even knowing if fixing him would be possible.  I sent before and after pictures to several places (five? six?).  I heard back from two and they were accepting new patients beginning in May and July.

After getting discouraged about not hearing back from the other places, I finally thought of Etsy.  I came across a lady who said she'd been doing it for 30 years and had made over 20,000 animals!  After making an inquiry, I got an almost immediate response from her saying "I can help you!"

I was a little afraid to send him off, but Sally reassured me and I also didn't have much to lose.  Amanda was NOT happy about sending him away, but the post office lady was very helpful in assuring her Bear would be fine.

She stamped him "fragile", put a get well soon sticker on the package and also a sticker of a polar bear so he'd have some company on his journey.
 After a couple weeks, a box (not an envelope!!) came in the mail!  Our entire family was so very happy to see Bear's face again.
Turns out Sally (totally recommend her!!) has worked for Ty and was able to find a new bear, even before she saw his face...she knows her bears!!  There wasn't much that was salvageable, so she ended up taking the belly, or the "heart" as I've been telling Amanda, and sewing it on the new one.

I have confidence that in no time he will be mangy and smelly and well loved on like the old Bear.

Friends love through all kinds of weather, and families stick together in all kinds of trouble.
Proverbs 17:17


mom said...

Reminds me of the thumbalina(sp) story. Do you remember sending her off to the doll hospital and how nervous you were? So good of you to go through all that for Bear and Amanda.

Melody said...

This is quite the story! Sweet pictures :)