Sunday, February 19, 2012

Project 365, Week 7

I heard this morning that our temperatures have been nearly six degrees above the average...its so wonderful to not be freezing!

Hope you had a great's ours!

February 13
Monday morning, after our crazy weekend, I went to pick up the kids from my dad's.  This is how I found them, with Aiden sipping his morning coffee...there's a whole lot that goes on with grandparents that I will never know about and I think its kids are so blessed to have that dimension added to their lives.
 February 14
Avery's first Valentine's Day at school and she came home with a folder full of special notes.
February 15
I got to do a maternity photoshoot with my sister...she's just a few weeks away from delivering.  Isn't she stunning?
February 16
Most of Shaun's family came over for dinner and the kids did a quick show for them.

February 17
Shaun's last regular season game, and they won.
February 18
Our Annual Murder Mystery dinner was a success...more tomorrow!


sara said...

on of my husband's favorite memories of his grandmother is have "coffee milk" with her in the mornings. warm milk, a little coffee and some sugar. My kids grew up on it too!

The Bug said...

Love Avery's happy face with all her Valentines. And your sister is GORGEOUS!