Saturday, February 25, 2012

Fun Family Day

A couple weeks ago as Shaun and I were talking we realized he had a day off during Avery's school vacation week.  Right then we penned in a family day and it didn't take us long to decide on Boston's Children Museum, but we kept it a surprise for the kids.

After a quick cereal breakfast, we were on our way.  It was a beautiful, but chilly day in one of our favorite cities.  We all had a great time...the kids were SO easy.  Shaun and I kept switching kids.  Sometimes they'd all be doing the same activity, sometimes Shaun was with the girls and I was with Aiden, sometimes two were with me and one was with him.  The place is only three floors, so its a manageable size.

I was a bit sad to think of the last time we were was Avery's 5th birthday, Amanda was 3 and Aiden wasn't quite walking yet.  This visit everyone was so much diaper bags to pack, no strollers, no finding a corner to nurse in, no needing a nap.  Though I miss those days, there is also much joy to be found in packing light and having meaningful conversations about things, about life.

We closed the place down at 5 and then walked to find something to eat for the first time since breakfast.  The kids never had a word of complaint and we were all happy to find a warm place to fill our bellies.

Love family days!  Here's some of the fun we had:

 Can you even stand this face??


The Bug said...

The answer is no - I can't stand that face :) He's so cute! I love how busy they all were. Looks like a great day.

Meg A. said...

Looks like a great day!!!

{Thirty} Little Piggies said...

Looks like fun! Boston is one of our "someday" dreams. Looks like such a neat place & someday we hope to explore it.

I agree with you about the joy in packing light. It's pretty cool to shed some of the baby gear & embrace the freedom & extra space in the car & home!

Melody said...

Love it!