Sunday, February 5, 2012

Project 364, Week 5

Hi!  Can you believe we are safely into February already?  We hardly even noticed, its been such wonderful weather.  Looking forward to the month of love!  :)

January 29
The day was ordinary, but the weather was extraordinary...the kids did quite a bit of exploring outside.  

January 30
These are from my dad's camera.  He and Kiki invited Aiden and Amanda on an adventure day.  Among other things, they got to go bowling for the first time ever.  There's a rumor that Aiden came in second place, just behind Pop. :)
 Love this one!
 So sweet!
 January 31
The kids were out playing with the dogs and suddenly I heard quite a ruckus.  When I went to investigate, I saw that Woody was holding a dead squirrel in his mouth.  My first instinct was to freak out, but I knew that wasn't an option with the kids watching.

Eventually I was able to entice Woody to drop it.  While I was tying him up, Trot grabbed the squirrel and carried it over to where Woody was tied.  Once I got Trot to drop it I tied him up too.

Now I had me freaking out (inside), two screaming yet fascinated five year-olds, two dogs I never wanted to touch again and a stiff, dead squirrel staring back at me.

Since it was Tuesday, there was a chance Shaun was coming home, but I didn't know when or if, so I inhaled deeply, said a swift prayer and went to get a garbage bag and shovel.

After a scare-tactic lecture about the dangers of rabies, I charged the five year-olds with holding the bag open.  They were screaming/amused/fascinated/running away and my heart was pounding.

I had finally gotten the thing onto my shovel and was working up the nerve to put it in the bag (and also waiting for Amanda and Trevor to hold still enough) when my knight in shining armor pulled into the driveway.  He must have assessed the situation quickly because when he emerged from his car he had an amused look on his face.

It wasn't til later that evening when I started to physically recover.

Shaun asked if I had taken any pictures and I did not.  It was that bad.  :)

 February 1
What better way to celebrate February than with a sunny 60 degrees??  After picking up Avery from school, we continued our walk down Main Street to the bank, the library, the post office, the town hall and eventually came to the park.  (Love living in the city, being able to go days and days with my car parked in the driveway!)

Our first park trip of the year...yay!!
 This little bunny kept asking for carrots.
 February 2
It was Catholic Schools Week so they had fun activities going all week.  Parents were invited to lunch this day.  I had pictured a nice quiet lunch, Avery and I with our heads together in deep conversation over our meal, but actually it was insane in that cafeteria and we sat with the family from basketball.  Oh well.  :)
 February 3
My first time bringing something to school that Avery had forgotten.  We timed it so we could be there during her lunch.

Avery's teacher thinks Amanda is just so cute.  She said, "Amanda stopped me as I was walking to my table and said Mrs. M, would you please go put your tray down and come back and sell me an ice-cream?  She's so cute!"

Then she said, she's not like Avery is she?   Ha...not even a little, and don't say I didn't warn you.

So, where was I going with that?  Oh yes, on our walk home the kids and I noted what a perfectly blue sky we had.
The kids were taking a break after helping me go through my dresser drawers.  You can't tell it from the picture, but I'm on a de-cluttering kick.
 Aiden's been wearing his 3-D glasses and Boston hat to be every night.
February 4
Shaun was out of work "early", home just after 7:30!  He took us out to dinner and it was SO good to spend some time with him....the first evening the kids have seen him in a couple weeks.

Avery said, "Poor Daddy...he only gets to see Trot-Trot every night."


Meg A. said...

I have no words for the squirrel story. Except maybe that I am deeply grateful for the lack of photos of it. And I do think the dogs look a little sheepish in that photo!

LuAnn said...

Trot and Woody look a little sad. That would of creeped me out too.

What a busy week. Love the picture of you and Shaun too. The girls are going to need their own cameras soon.

The Bug said...

Eww to the squirrel - how traumatic!

I love Amanda stories - she's such a mess. It'll be interesting to see what kind of personality Aiden has when he gets a little older.

I love the pic of you & Shaun too :)