Monday, February 13, 2012

Project 365, Week 6

What a week!  I don't always realize it while we are in the thick of it, but then I look back at seven days and realize all that went on.  

We are still at the height of tax season....most days are fine, but then it will hit me that I really miss Shaun.  Most days the kids get 10 minutes with him in the morning and that's it.  Aiden espeically misses him...he's not getting nearly enough man time.

February 5
Sunday was Shaun's first time off in several weeks...he only had to work 12-5.  We took advantage of it, heading down the street to breakfast.

Later, we went to church with Shaun while he worked on sound "stuff"...we were just anxious to be in the same air space with him and the kids can find fun just about anywhere they go!
 The girls were thrilled to help with the mic checks.
 February 6
I hadn't seen my sister since Christmas, so we met at the park for a little while....  The kids sold us ice cream while we sipped on coffee.
Amanda faithfully makes her bed everyday before she stumbles downstairs for the small chore with all those friends.  :)
February 7
Tap class!  Amanda gets especially distracted when I watch her class, so I only sneak in once in a while.  She will continually peek over at me, wave, smile, mouth words to sweet but not helpful to the class.
February 8
My mom came to watch the kids, giving me an afternoon break from single-parenthood.
February 9
Shaun got out of work early and we all headed to church for a night of dress rehearsal.  Shaun worked on all the sound projects and I took pictures.  The kids were perfect...and up until 12:30!

February 10
After school, the girls got packed up and ready to go to Pop & Kiki's house for the weekend while Shaun worked and I headed out to a photographer's workshop.

I met and had dinner with 17 other photographers.
 February 11
The workshop was called "Walk Through a Wedding", so we had many elements of a wedding to photograph.
 February 12
The workshop was just 20 minutes from Shaun's sister's house, so I got to stay with them.  It was a very brief visit between the two nights, but still nice to see them for a bit and enjoy a warm breakfast.

Shaun was at church from 8 am to 12 am, getting ready for the Lost in Vegas show.  It was so good to see him when I stopped by at 10:30 pm on the way home from the workshop.  I stayed and helped tear down for a little bit until just before I wasn't sure if I'd be able to do the 30 minute drive home.

Any chance we can have another Saturday and Sunday before we get too much further into Monday?  No?  Alright...guess I'll just dive in then!

Have a great week!


The Bug said...

Wow what a busy week! Which I guess is usual for you guys.

Just think - you're halfway through tax season. Right?

LuAnn said...

your week made me dizzy :)

mom said...

I got exhausted reading this!