Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Random Wednesday

Today was supposed to be a walk down memory lane, but I'm feeling random.  Is it me, or are my musing/random posts coming more frequently? :)

I had a couple meetings scheduled for today, all of which fell through, but not before I had asked my mom to watch the kids.  Since she was still happy to come, I took the opportunity to pack up my laptop and head to a charming little coffee shop on Main Street.  As I sit here I do people find it helpful to get work done at such a place?

I love the idea, but the internet is slow, and its packed with people who are begging to be watched over the top of my flipped open computer.  Maybe I'm just too nosy, but I find myself entirely too distracted.  Young college couple chatting in what has to be their first or second date...its a bit awkward  Mom and daughter having an important chat that keeps getting more heated, dude in the corner who has some good tunes going, judging by his body movement.

Maybe next time I'll find a quiet corner of the library. :)

Last evening, a minute and a half from voice lessons, I rear-ended someone in a busy intersection.  It was at a stoplight so I was going about one mile/hr.  We are all totally ok, it was just such a bummer.  I wasn't even able to talk to Shaun until five hours later and didn't see him until this morning.

I was feeling really sad about it, but I had a good run this morning, a big I'm-glad-you-are-ok-I-love-you-no-matter-what hug from Shaun that made me cry a little and I'm pretty ok now.  Oh...I love that man!

Being a mom really brings out the grown-up in you.  The kids were fascinated by the whole accident/police thing, happy to chat with everyone hanging around and thought the sidewalk where we stood for 30 minutes was a great place to sing, dance, laugh.  While I always want to be honest with them, I also want to be the best example I can be.

We went on to both girls' dance classes and people since have been hearing all about how momma "cashed into that guy".  In case you didn't know, there are NO secrets when you have a 6,5 and 2.5 year old in the house.

Speaking of the two and a half year old, he is just so amazing right now.  I don't know why two year olds get such a bad date, it might just possibly be my favorite age, 3 for 3.  I will do a post soon just for my Aiden-guy.

A boisterous group of 60-something women just settled into the table next to me.  They obviously have a close-knit group and are quite happy to be reunited for the afternoon.  Swapping grandkid pictures and tales about a 17 lbs three month-old??

Time for me to go anyway...I've got a bazillion few more things to check off the list.


Shawn, Shelva, Symeon and Marin said...

I can totally relate I don't get anything done at coffee shops except people watching which can be fun when I don't have anything else to do.

The Bug said...

Oh yeah, a coffee shop is just too fascinating a place to get anything done!

Sorry about the accident - I've done that a few (ahem) times in my life. Good thing I don't have kids because the first thing I always say is "sh!t". (blushing)

Melody said...

My keys to being productive in a coffee shop are to listen to music (with headphones!) so I'm not distracted by the noise, and sit in a chair facing the window or at least away from where most people are sitting to avoid being too distracted.
And save the fun people watching for mental breaks :)

Linda said...

Well, at least you were amused by all the people in the coffee place! I like to watch people when I am is interesting. (:>)

At least you had some time to yourself...and a cup of coffee to enjoy!

LuAnn said...

Sounds like the coffee shop was entertaining. I love watching people. You know if I lived near I would be sitting there with you. And people would be looking at us catching up on our chit chat!!!