Thursday, February 16, 2012

February's 10 on 10

I fully intended to do 10 on 10 again this month, even wrote it on my calendar, and still I forgot. an effort to turn over a new leaf, I decided to not completely scrap it, but just do it when I remembered.  So....this is our Tuesday, February 14...10 on the 14th:

5 AM - Some days I hop out of bed and skip off to the gym, happy to be out in the dark, freezing cold. This day was not one of those days.
 7 AM - Another "must" start to my day
 8 AM - Aiden's favorite meal of the day...sometimes its at 8, sometimes its at 10...whenever he gets up
 11 AM - sipping on tea, trying to warm up while working
 2 PM - a sleeping baby
 except I had him pose for that last one because I wasn't about to sneak into his room while he was actually sleeping and risk waking him up....he got into it, so here he is posing again :)
 3 PM - the school girl is home and changed, showing us all her Valentine's.

 4 PM - Voice lessons
 5 PM - third potty stop along the road in 25 minutes...finally figured out Aiden had been sipping a water bottle the whole trip
 6 PM - much anticipated trip to the library to see Dolphin Tale

 8 PM - Daddy's home from work!
 9 PM - all ready for bed in the "outfit" he and daddy figured out...upon request, the shoes stayed on all night.


The Bug said...

I love these - especially that last picture. Aiden is a hoot (and I guess Shaun must be too - ha!).

I've thought about participating - but I'll have to wait until a month when the 10th isn't a work day. Because that would be BOOORRIING!

LuAnn said...

great 10 on the 14th.

Aiden cracks me up.

Phil picture was taken in between innings. Love him sitting on a bucket.