Monday, February 6, 2012

Latest Installment of Kid Quotes

We were visiting my husband's grandparents and they had one of those white handicap seats stretching the width of the shower.  Aiden said, Mom, look!  Its a diving board!

Somehow Avery and I got talking about the fact that I was a teenager (technically, I guess) when I got married.  Wise Avery said, Mom, don't you think that's a little young.  I said, Well, I do (thinking...YOU better not get married when you are 19!) but back then I was ready.  Me and Daddy had dated for a long time and I was sure that he was a good man and the one for me.  Avery said, Oh, so you knew he was good and he didn't smoke?

I actually had a few other requirements, but I guess its true...non-smoker was definitely in my top ten.  ;)

Aiden, where did you get that gum?
From Manda's bed.  Oh right...of I recall, they call that ABC gum.  :)

Avery was playing a game on my phone in the backseat.  Aiden said, Avery, I want the phone!  Then dramatically, I. have. a. headache! (palm to forehead).

Avery: Mom!  Did you hear him?  (We were both laughing.)
Avery: Do you want your phone to text?
Me: What do you mean?
Avery:  You know, to tell someone what he said.
Me: (laughing) No, I'll just blog it.  :)

Amanda in the back eating a grinder on the way home from our busy Tuesday:
Mom, they put spices in this.
No, they didn't.  I watched them make it.
It tastes spicy.
Oh!  It must be the red onions...I'm sorry, I thought you liked them just like Avery does.
Mom, have you seen me?  They wobble my eyes!

The girls and I have been working through Toy Story 3.  We came to the last couple pages and I was crying too much to finish reading so Avery did.

Avery: Mom...that's so weird.  You're crying at a kid's book.
Amanda: Its ok Mom...I cried when I watched the movie.

From the same book Avery read, He picked Jessie up and carried her out of harm's way..."wait...who is harm?"

And then, Quick!  Grab something metal! Buzz yelled.  He grabbed hold of a lunch box.  The magnet immediately pulled Buzz and the lunch box upward.  Avery scoffed and then giggled...."lunchboxes aren't metal...they're made out of rubber!"

Happy Monday!!


sara said...

I always love these and am so happy you are getting them down. You think you will never forget the really funny ones, but you do.

So cute!

mom said...

I've eaten a few things that made my eyes wobble, but I would have never been able to describe it like that. What a kid.

LuAnn said...

I got a good giggle at work. You will be so happy you wrote this down. Your kids will get a kick out of them too.

My mom has a book of them and brings it out once in awhile. We all crack up !!!

Meg A. said...

Red onions make my eyes wobble too! :)