Sunday, June 30, 2013

Project 365, Week 26

This week was nice and quiet in pictures...there was plenty of craziness behind the scenes but hopefully most of the DCF madness is coming to an end (for now) as we raise our white flag of surrender.  By principle, its hard to stop fighting for the things that are really important to us, but its become apparent that at this point in the game, its futile.

I don't mean to spread sour grapes, it was just a very disappointing, difficult week for us.  It also was very special because we celebrated a beautiful, sweet 8 year-olds birthday.  And, we experienced God's favor in a big way...can't wait to tell that story.

June 23
A beautifully warm day to play outside.  One of my life's great pleasures is watching these three have a blast in the kiddie pool.

 June 24
Happy Birthday, Avery May!
 June 25
Boston!  Such a fun story to go with this (soon!).

 June 26
Speaking of, not really.  Six hours of CPR/First Aid Training.  In a class of just five, it was a little awkward when I was the only one giggling through the choking demonstration.

 June 27
My guy, hard at work.  :)
 June 28
After a hard day's work.  He played in the tile saw tray and got the remnants all over his hands.  He smelled them, made a face and said, Eww...that smells.  Mom, smell your hands.  (sniff) I don't smell anything.  Come stand over smells.  (laughing) Aiden, I think its just your hands that smell.  :)
June 29
I was second shooter for a wedding.  Yay for peonies!!

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The Bug said...

Oh wow that was a GORGEOUS bouquet! If I'd gotten married in the summer I might have had to have peonies :)

Happy birthday Avery!