Thursday, June 23, 2011

Aiden is Twenty-Three Months

My last month-by-month post of Aiden.  I've been doing them since we announced my pregnancy.

He is all boy, but in the sweetest way possible.  He loves, basketball, baseball, football.  He thinks the beads on my necklace are balls and he calls fruit, such as oranges and apples balls, too.  He's got a good arm and uses both right and left for now.  He's also pretty good at billiards. :)

Trucks are very exciting to him.  The ones we see on the road, in books....he says BIG truck!  Big Truck!

He can do stairs by himself without holding on to anything.  

He loves to wear hit "Boston Red Sox hat"

He can count to 9 (he misses 6 or 7).  Nine, as in nine innings.  Sometimes he goes from 9 to 12, 13....extra innings??

He talks and talks....parrots little pieces of just about every sentence he hears.  He can repeat just about anything you throw at him or will at least attempt it.  He calls the bible She-shush (Jesus) book.

All in all, we think he's fabulous.

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LuAnn said...

Happy 23 months Aiden !! Hope your chin is healing well.