Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Today's Thankful List

I was chatting with a bubbly, always-up-for-a-good-time friend today and she was proclaiming how much fun VBS (vacation bible school) week is for her.  I just kind of shook my head and laughed.  I told her I was happy that she was so enthusiastic about it, but that I find it kind of hard.

I love, love to be home and most of the time my outings for the week consist of grocery shopping, nursing home visits and church.  This week, since Monday morning, I have put 500 miles on my car.  We've been leaving the house well before my kids are usually awake to go to VBS and the evenings are filled with things like trips to Boston and Providence.  Fun things, good things, but put all together and its a little draining.

Unlike some, I find no satisfaction is having my calendar full.  My "cabin fever limit" has never had the chance to be tested.  I need regular"alone time" and I think I was five the last time I said I was "bored"...I am very good at self-entertaining.

This same friend, in this same conversation said she admires the contentment that she reads on my blog, so I wanted full disclosure...its been a little trickier to find contentment this week as I race out the door yet again.  To that end, I thought I'd make a quick, broad list of things I am thankful for at this very minute

Thankful for...

  1. a good church 
  2. wonderful volunteers who are pouring into my kids this week
  3. wifi at the mall playscape so I can get a little work done
  4. one-on-one time with my baby boy
  5. God's presence in the car this morning, despite my "drive-thru" time with Him the last week
  6. a reliable car that starts everytime I turn the ignition
  7. a husband who fed the kids pizza and put them to bed, even after a physically grueling day at work
  8. this night at home, just the five of us for the first time in well over a week 
  9. the blessing of work and an able body to do it
  10. the chance to feel the sunshine of a brand-new day
  11. the five hours a day I get with Shaun, even if it is just sleeping next to each other
  12. people, for their uniqueness, the homebodies and the if-I-don't-get-out-of-this-house-I'm-going-to-go-crazy ones

I've kept my feet on the ground, I've cultivated a quiet heart. Like a baby content in its mother's arms, my soul is a baby content.
Psalm 131:2


Momagoose said...

Hi Friend! :) Love this! :) I have been happy to see you three days in a row this week...

The Bug said...

These are great blessings. I'm a homebody too - even when I get an itch to leave the house it's just to go roam around the countryside to look at sheep. :)

I might have to have pizza for dinner. Yum!

Penny said...

Love your thankful list. =)

Alicia said...

beautiful thoughts!

Linda said...

Oh I love this post...and especially that Psalm!

That version is lovely!