Sunday, June 26, 2011

Project 365, Week 26

We were thrilled to celebrate the beginning of summer.  Hopefully no one is offended, I thought this was  a cute tweet by Rick Warren on summer: Kay& I married on June 21st,the summer solstice.That made it the longest day of the yr (in No.America) &the shortest night!

Happy Summer!

June 19
Father's Day
 June 20
I took the kids to a park to get some pictures of Avery and they ended up being fascinated with the people fishing.  Not sure how much this (non English speaking) man appreciated the attention and questions like can we see your fish?
 June 21
No picture.  The kids were gone so I was able to get some work done.

June 22
It was a rainy afternoon as I was driving to a meeting.

June 23
Shaun's grandparents arrived for the weekend and the girls were anxious to put them to work reading stories, playing games, doing puzzles.
June 24
Me and my birthday girl...six years old!

 June 25
We went to an air show to see the Blue Angels among others.  Aiden really liked it but thought the planes were "too youd!"


LuAnn said...

fun week !!!

The Bug said...

Kids are so funny how they just go up to people & talk to them without worrying about social conventions (or is that just Amanda?).

I love your Avery post (too lazy to comment on both). It's possible that my heart would have been changed about having children if I'd accidentally gotten pregnant (I'm pro-choice, but not for me & Mike & I are too arrogant to let someone else raise our child, so we would have just had to be parents if I'd gotten pregnant). But I'm very content with the path I took. Especially because I can read your lovely posts from the comfort of my quiet home :)