Saturday, June 25, 2011

The State of Avery

A couple years ago I started "interviewing" the kids on or around their birthdays.  I ask the same questions every year so I can compare from year to year.  The other day during naps Avery and I sat down on the porch for the questions.  Its pretty funny if you go all the way to 1:30 on the video (there nothing past that).

Here are some of her other responses...

Tell me what you think of when I say these words:

Home Um, because I like to stay with you
Brother/Sister I like my brother and sister and I love them
Favorite Color  light pink and dark pink
Love I love my whole family
Bedtime before you go to bed, you brush your teeth
School  I do school.
What’s the last thing you were sad about?
Um…I don't know.
What makes you really happy?
When I stay with you.  When I play with my brother and sister, like Andrew and Jasmine.  Amanda is Jasmine and Aiden is Andrew. and I'm mom.  And baby.
I always push the stroller and I stay with Andrew because he was just two and I took care of Andrew and the baby and I told Amanda and Andrew what to do.
Are you scared of anything?
At night? (Anytime) No.
What do you think you’d like to be when you grow up?
I want be a server at a restaurant like Amanda wants to be.
Who’s the last person you kissed?
only you guys and great-grandpa

At what age is a person officially grown-up?
I do not know what that means . Well you're like 23 and…and 27 and 30 and 50 and 41 and 44 and I think thats all I want to say.  But I know there is more.
What does mom or dad do at work all day?
Well, you work with Uncle C and Daddy does Oak St and next year he'll do HR Block again and you do weddings and Daddy does Center St and thats all.  Oh, and Mommy does engagements.
If you could always get everything that you want, do you think you’d always be happy?
What do you think heaven is like?
Well, I know it has lots of music and lots of toys and I know everybody who believes in Jesus and knows Jesus will go up there.  And that's all.


Amy said...


Amy said...

Literally an LOL!

LuAnn said...

Way yo go Trot! Thanks for sharing these with us - precious.

I love her thoughts on heaven too.

Laurie said...

See? Chocolate really does make everything okay! :)