Thursday, December 5, 2013

Amanda Turns Seven

Impossible to believe our sweet second-born is seven!  Her birthday often flirts with Thanksgiving Day and this year it landed on Wednesday.  In talking about plans for her birthday during the weeks leading up, there were really two things she had her heart set on.  1.) bringing cupcakes to school and 2.) eating out at Subway (??).

Amanda helped me bake and decorate the cupcakes and the girls had a half day of school so Shaun cut out of work and the five of us went a couple blocks to Subway.  

When we got back, Grammy & Bobbi were there to take her shopping.  She came back with a remote control helicopter.  I don't know why I'm still so often surprised by her randomness.

Nana and Grandpa John had also arrived from Florida for the Thanksgiving weekend, bearing gifts.

Eventually, we headed out to Amanda's choice of Red Robin (after we gently talked her out of a second Subway trip), followed by the premiere of Disney's Frozen.

Throughout our meal, Amanda kept asking if the staff was going to come sing to her.  When they finally did she acted pleased and embarrassed.
The following day was Thanksgiving, so part of dessert was birthday cake.....a rainbow cake, as requested.

I was frosting the cake the night before when we had to rush out to the movie.  I left everything, planning to come back to it.  When I did, the frosting had mysteriously disappeared out of the bowl, so it stayed partially frosted.   Hmmm....

More presents at Auntie Sarah's house the next day (lots of family time this weekend!)
Anyone who knows Amanda knows she is a one-of-a-kind, special girl.  She's got that "something" that people are just drawn to and she is often the life of the party.

This year she finished first grade and started second and we get funny stories from her teachers on a regular basis.  She learned how to read, tried new tricks at the skate park (dropping in!), lost her first tooth, grew out her hair-shaving debacle, said goodbye to a foster brother she was close to, took swim and voice lessons, moved to a new house, was in two shows and grew tall enough for bigger rides at the theme parks. 

She has a huge heart, is loyal and passionate.  She is the spice in our lives and we love her dearly.

Trademark pose.
Love you, Manda-Girl!!


The Bug said...

She's so pretty & grown-up looking these days! Happy late birthday Amanda!

(I tried not to, but I have to know - what in the world was Aiden wearing? Also, love Avery's hat!).

sara said...

Happy Birthday sweet Amanda!!!!

I have to ask...what does Aiden have taped to him in that one picture?! A card board cape?

Amy said...

Awesomeness! She's so precious. I love her photo shoot shots! Quite a full year she had!

Jackie@Our Moments, Our Memories said...

She is beautiful, Lisa! And so grown up! That "something" that people are drawn to comes through in these pictures...she always makes me smile. :) And the remote-control helicopter - awesome. Happy birthday, sweet girl!