Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Top Ten Photos of 2013

 Back in 2008, I posted my favorite ten photos of the year and I've looked back on that many times.  Wanna see?  This year was a low shutter-count year for me....only 13,000 personal photos, but it is still hard to narrow it down to just ten.  

Alas, here they are in the order they were taken, though if I did the same exercise tomorrow its quite possible I'd yield different results.

#1 My sweet Avery girl...so precious and so willing to pose for photos.  I'm struck by how much she has aged this year and the lovely young lady she's becoming.
 #2 At the FINISH line of my first-ever marathon, Superman by my side sporting a medal.
 #3 They don't fully recognize it, but these two are so blessed to have each other.  At 17 months apart, they are BFFs and do EVERYthing together.  They will both be better people for having grown up together.  Pure, innocent joy.
 #4 Not the quality of the (phone) picture, but what it represents.  In the middle of an intense summer, Shaun called one of our family meetings.  I don't remember the day's pressing topics, but I love how he always tries to mix business with pleasure.
 #5 It didn't do any thing for me, but I loved seeing how happy my family was to be to upgraded to once-in-a-lifetime seats at Fenway.
 #6 This little guy and I are pretty tight.  He's wearing Batman pjs, makeup that he let a sister apply and he's bringing me flowers.  Ah...
 #7 Had to include a picture from Italy, so hard to choose.  Except for that first travel day (and the pork stuffed with rabbit meal), I loved everything about our trip.
 #8 Love this girl and her free spirit.  I want to live in this posture more in 2014.

So I'll stand
                                               With arms high and heart abandoned
In awe of the one who gave it all
So I'll stand
My soul Lord to you surrendered
All I am is yours

 #9 These three are still so young and sweet and such a joy to my life everyday.  And wow...such fashion sense!  :)
 #10 I just love the feeling I get when I look at this picture...wouldn't it be cool if we all possessed this confidence and self-assurance?  If we really believed that we held super-powers and could overcome anything that came our way?

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Amy Joy said...

WOW! Such great choices and great pics! What a beautiful life and beautiful memories!