Tuesday, December 17, 2013

House Project, Week 37

Seeing how much the kids love their very own little sledding hill has helped confirm we are in the right place.  The outside playing they do here was just not possible at our other place.  And since I am an anti-screens mom, that's a good thing!

Work continues on the "nook".  There is lots of insulation in there and now its buttoned up with sheetrock...no more blowing drafts!

Avery and I are in talks about what color (s) to paint this kids space.  Suggestions?
HD with my boys.
My kitchen floor is coming up next!  Right now its white speckled tiles, with spots taken out for where walls used to be and paint from earlier in the year.  It actually doesn't look awful in pictures, but its really pretty bad.

We wanted to go with a "wood floor" and from a stack of samples, I narrowed it down to two.  Originally I wanted to go really dark because we have white cabinets and stainless appliances, but then we put in dark cabinets and my thoughts on it changed.  I still wanted dark, but it had to not clash with the dark cabinets.

These were my two choices, neither in stock and we're trying to get it installed before Christmas.  After much debate, I made a decision to order it.  I was SO happy when I got notification that it was going to be delivered to our house, days ahead of schedule!
In store, the floor was $2.57, but if I ordered it online, it was $1.79....makes no sense.

In this picture, they look quite similar, but trust me, they are SO different.  :)  I didn't consult with Avery before I placed my order, but after-the-fact, she gave me her opinion and chose the one I did....phew!
Some "befores" of my kitchen, because my flooring guy has promised the new one will be installed this week!  Its going to make such a difference.

The light fixture over the kitchen table is installed!  Definitely need to work on getting a permanent table for that space.  The last kitchen table we had seated four comfortably...we've grown a bit since that time.

I've also started picking at hanging some things.  I'm afraid of the commitment a screw hole requires, so it takes me a while.  :)
This guy helped me shop for and load floor padding.  We bought in bulk to save.
He just loves to work.  Seeks it out even.
View from my kitchen window.

This is the room where I will be hosting Christmas dinner in just eight days.
And the tool room is getting cleared out to hopefully get worked on.  This means I unloaded quite a few boxes that were in the basement to make room for those tools.  Its good to be getting that kind of thing done.
The gas furnace, which heats our kitchen and living room is being replaced.  It has been a saga I won't bore you with, but we've been promised we will have heat for Christmas.  I think our family will appreciate that!
That's it for this week.  Can't wait to show you the progress that will happen in the coming week!  It used to frustrate me that Shaun works really well under pressure and always does a fairly major home project right before a major event.  But now I embrace it, and am thankful for progress whenever it happens.  So what if I'm sweeping sheetrock dust moments before guest arrive (literally have done this more than once!)  :)

Love you, Shaun...thanks for all you do!!


Meg A. said...

I can't wait to see the kitchen floor! Going to be gorgeous! Love that there are weekly updates again. :)

lily said...

I love seeing the weekly updates too. I know another hubby who gets his tools out when guests are about to arrive!

The Bug said...

I can't believe how behind I am on posts! This will be the last comment until I get to the most recent one - otherwise I'll be here all night :)

Can't wait to see the floor!