Friday, December 6, 2013

Back Then

*Aiden: Mom, I'm really sorry about something that I need your help with.

*I was outside shooting hoops with Avery when Amanda poked her head outside.  Mom, I gave Aiden the test and he passed.  I said, 'Aiden, do you want a cigarette?' and he said "no thank you"

(It might be helpful to know that I do role-playing with my kids and this cigarette one is from when we had a 10 year-old living in our house.  I think role playing is important for several reasons.  First, I want them to know that I know they'll be faced with temptation to lie, smoke, take candy from a stranger, keep an inappropriate secret, etc.  I want our dialogue to already have been opened about it when those things present themselves.  And, I want them to be prepared.  I want them to know, from practice here at home what their response should be when an adult tells them "its our secret, don't tell your parents".  And see?  Four year-old Aiden has already said "no" to the time he's asked in high school, his sister will have already asked him 347 times.)  Now there's a parenthesis sidebar for you!  :)

* For those wondering, this was the cape of the day.  It is a piece of flooring pad, taped on with painters tape.  Both plentiful items around here.  :)

*The kids had worked really hard on their homework and chores in preparation for us sitting down to watch an American Girl movie.  I was downstairs doing laundry and Avery said, Mom, we're all ready to watch the movie!
Me: Ok...I wish it was a Christmas movie.  We have Miracle on 34th Street...what about that one?
Avery: No, I don't like that one.  Its too...."back then".

Then she called her brother and sister down...
Avery:  Amanda!  Aiden!  Do you want me to show you something??  Its over here.  I'll give you a was Mommy's from "back then".  Its called a clarinet...and it still works!

So wait.  Miracle on 34th Street (release date 1947!) and the clarinet that my parents bought for me in high school are BOTH from "back then"???


Meg A. said...

Legit laughed outloud picturing Amanda poking her head outside to tell you Aiden doesn't want cigarettes!!!

The Bug said...

My nephews used to walk up to total strangers at the mall & tell them that cigarettes would kill them. Yep - I witnessed it first hand. Ha!