Sunday, December 15, 2013

Project 365, Week 50

December 8
Inspired by seeing Jamie Grace in concert, the girls made music of their own.

 And then changed out of their concert clothes to do some reading.  Both of them burned through books this week.  Even though we have so many books in the house, they seem to do well with fresh books hand-picked from the library.
 December 9
Operation Get-the-Christmas-Cards-Out.
 December 10
About 8 AM the snow started and Aiden could not have been more excited.  Up and down, up and down that hill for HOURS this week, mostly by himself.

December 11
The night before, Aiden was worried about going to bed, afraid the snow would all be gone in the morning....I assured him it was too cold to melt before dawn.  Sure enough, the next morning there was still snow, so he got himself bundled up and headed out to plow.
 Christmas cookies night!  A long-standing tradition with good friends.
December 12
Aiden pulled out the playdoh and got to work.
December 13
The girls and I got crafty.  We have a little surprise planned for Christmas.
December 14
Avery's team is 2-0!  She's #45 there with her hands on her hips.
After church we went out with good friends and got a table right away because it was snowing so hard!  They will be leaving in a couple weeks to tour Pillars of Fire...we'll miss having them around!

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The Bug said...

I had to laugh at the screwdriver beside the playdough - I don't think I ever used one of those for making (fake) cookies :)

I still feel as excited as Aiden does about the snow - at least until I have to get out in it. And now I'm in charge of making sure our church walkways are clean. Ugh.

Love the musical "twins!"