Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thanksgiving, Round II

For the past twelve years, running the 4.78 mile Road Race on Thanksgiving morning has been a fun tradition.  Its often cold and/or wet/snowy, there are too many people to be able to make good time and since I always host, there are other things I probably should be doing, but I still love it!

The air is electric, the mood festive and it feels like a slice of Americana....just a "feel good" event.  Plus, there's the guilt-free-eating-later-in-the-day factor.  :)  "Huffing for stuffing", as one t-shirt said.

Sarah and I ran together.  We each timed it on our own and each got exactly 58:59...what are the chances?
Sardines at the starting line.  We were middle of the pack and finally crossed the starting line 7 minutes after the gun went off.  The final ones crossed at 12 minutes, shortly before the wheelchairs and elite runners came through.  SO many people!

 Snipers....included in the "feel good" part??

 Back at home, my superhero (the big one) was hanging light fixtures and cooking turkeys and overseeing preparations.  He's pretty amazing (and also determined to never have to go to the race either as a runner or participant :).

 Twenty-two for dinner.  SO thankful for my new dining room that held all of us comfortably.

 We are a sports family, for sure!

 We started the gas fireplace in the dining room for the first time.  SO pretty!
 Post turkey:

 A "meeting of the minds".  I heard the word "atoms" and ran the other way.  :)
The day was just perfect.  We've had our ups and downs like any family, but this year especially, there was such a sweet spirit.  We don't take it for granted and are so very thankful.


Meg A. said...

Yay for the dining room getting its inaugural meal! Looks like a perfect day. Except the road race crowd...that part gives me the hives just thinking about all those people!

The Bug said...

Yeah - I was feeling claustrophobic. I would rather stay behind & help Shaun :)