Sunday, December 29, 2013

Project 365, Week 52

Here we are at Week 52!  What "they" say is true....the older you get, the faster time goes.  This year in particular felt like it was over before it began.

I hope you had a great Christmas with your family....ours was great and I have lots of posting to do, but  I'll let good 'ole Project 365 take care of some of the highlights for now.

December 22
A box of goodies arrived from Grandpa in Illinois.

December 23
The kids went to the assisted living center with Kiki to do a Christmas service with the residents.  Normally, Aiden goes alone because the girls are in school but this time they were excited about joining.  Aiden said, Avery, you're going to like all the kisses the ladies give you.  :)

On the way over I said, Guys, why are you going to Little River Acres?  In unison from the back I hear, to bless people.  Yes...precisely.

As you might expect, with the kids gone two days before Christmas, Shaun and I worked like crazy people.  Here's a sneak peek to the house update.
December 24
Love, love Christmas Eve.  Everything that can be done is done and as I swipe on my makeup in the car on the way to church I breathe it all in.  Peace and happiness swallow me whole as I look forward to the coming events. 

Our church always does a beautiful, tasteful candlelight service and then my sister puts on an amazing dinner back at her house.  Family meets from all corners and the festivities begin!

 December 25...Christmas!!
 December 26
We did our annual trip to the local Christmas boutique store to take advantage of the 40% off...but mostly just to browse.  I thought these letters were super sweet.
December 27
Our agency puts on a bowling party every year after Christmas.  Z was able to join us and I beat all the kids handily.  I joked with them that its from all my hours at the bowling alley when they think I'm actually grocery shopping.  :)
 Since it was a nice day and we wanted to get some more time with Z, I took the kids on a hike.  SO pretty!

Amanda's heart is huge and she loves her brothers.
 December 28
R had his first track meet (and it was a non-spectator event), so we had a very rare time of just the five of us.  Amanda suggested we go out to dinner after church and spend time together since we don't get just our family very often.  It was very nice.
In case you were losing sleep over it, I will most definitely be doing Project 365 again in 2014, which will be my SIXTH!! year.  I love to take pictures and I love to blog, and I'm so happy for this little space....what started as a trial has turned into nearly 1300 posts.

Thank you for joining me here every now and then to peek in on our family's journey.   It means so much that you care.  Thank you for the messages, words, comments etc letting me know that you read and that my blog is (occasionally) meaningful to you.  Enjoy these last few days of 2013!

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Melody said...

SO glad you are doing P365 in 2014 - I love it and look forward to it every week!