Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas I

Years ago, Shaun's side of the family opted to celebrate Christmas on the weekend before Christmas.   This allows us to all be together every year and then we are all available to do Christmas Day with the other sides of our family.  Shaun's sister hosts every year and its become a treasured tradition. 

We also pared the gift-giving way down, which has enabled us to have the day be about being together, playing games and talking.  Each adult picks one other adult name to buy for, with a set dollar limit, and the remaining gifting is to several families we "adopt".  

These are families who have had a tough year...for instance, the mom has gotten up the courage to leave her abusive partner and since she's in the process of building a new life, doesn't have the resources to provide a Christmas for her children.  Its been such a joy to give.  

Sweet Uncle Tony saved the fire setting until Aiden got there to help.  Aiden kept close track of it the entire evening, making sure to let Uncle Tony know when it was getting low.

Sarah did SUCH a beautiful job with the table.


Handsome dude.

Hi, Nana....thanks for the gifts!  :)

Not sure what this game was called, but it worked similar to the $100,000 Pyramid show.

What a great night!  We are so blessed to all live close-ish to each other and to love each other.  God is so good.

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