Sunday, December 8, 2013

Project 365, Week 49

December is well underway (in case you weren't aware).  Its more fun to get the mail and the kids are loving their chocolate Advent calendars.  Christmas music is going as much as possible and we're getting excited!

This week was mercifully quiet....

December 1
Both girls now have a loom and making these rubber band items is ALL the rage at school.  Avery was following a youtube video on the iPad and I thought, wow...times have changed from my days of friendship bracelets!
 Time to deck the halls!  Love this (unposed) photo.  Its equal parts exciting and intimidating to decorate a new space.  Where do I put everything??
December 2
We said goodbye to Nana and Grandpa John until we see each other again in the spring in Florida.  I'm so glad they keep braving the Northeast weather in November so they can be here for Thanksgiving and three of their six great-grandkid's birthdays.
I pulled out all the Christmas books and the kids were devouring the I Spy book.  Avery, in particular, could do that for hours.  I last about 10 minutes before my ADD kicks in.

December 3
The kids and I snuggled up for a show.  We watched it on the laptop because none of us know how to work the TV (not that I ever want to learn).

December 4
Knowing she had an upcoming game, Avery was equal parts nervous and excited so she and I went out and worked on some things.  The very first shot I made went in and Avery was all Wow,'re amazing!  Smokin' mirrors, Girl.  Soon she'll be utterly embarrassed by my (lack of) skills, but for now I'm loving the time with her while we get fresh air and exercise.  :)

 R started track & field this week at school and was in desperate need of clothes and equipment, so after therapy he and I snuck away to our local shopping mecca.  I'm not usually there in December and was struck by how pretty it is.
 December 5
I struck gold due to indoor recess....both girls came home with sweet artwork for me.  Avery's was crinkled because a couple boys were trying to grab it to see what she wrote.  Ah....third grade.

This is the scene in our home every afternoon Monday-Thursday.
December 6
Just kind of love this picture.
 Toby Mac!  They put on a spectacular show!

December 7
Annual Christmas lunch compliments of Shaun's grandfather.  Its the once a year we see Shaun's aunt and cousins.

 From there we went shopping with Shaun's mom and sister for the families we've adopted for Christmas.  Initially the store looked intimidatingly crowded, but it ended up being workable.  We worked together and got a lot done in little time.  And when we got to the register, it all rang up well below what we had calculated, which meant we could also get them gift cards for food.  Its a little thing, but I'm happy for the tradition of it each year and the lessons our children can pull from the experience.
 The two teenagers were very enthusiastic about the experience and came up with some great ideas.
 Aiden found a good friend in the mirror.  :)

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The Bug said...

That's a great tradition! I'm glad the teens got into it. Your tree is lovely! I would be intimidated by decorating, but my husband is such a goof. Our house always looks like a 6 year old decorated it - ha!

You know I taught myself how to crochet using youtube :)