Tuesday, December 10, 2013

House Project, Week 36

I looked back to see the last time I did a House post, and discovered its been six weeks!  The days in between have been so, so full, but not many primary residence projects going on.  Shaun attention has been on the rentals and this was our November family calendar.  Like all of you, we've got plenty of life going on.

The kids and I were on our own for fall clean up and we did a mediocre job.  This yard's a little bigger than we're used to!  More stuff owned = more stuff to care for.  No doubt it'll be there in the spring waiting for us.  :)
 Slowly, windows got put in, which helped clear out the dining room.  This was a catch-all room throughout the summer.  I sorted through the stuff and then the kids and I did an assembly line to get it all where it needed to go, most of it to the basement.
Then Thanksgiving morning, Shaun hung up new light fixtures that had just arrived.

And we borrowed lots of tables!

One of my favorite house pictures to date....twenty-two people seated in the same space, breaking bread together (or throwing bread, as was done here with the dinner rolls at one point....we're all class! :) 

Shaun and I love to entertain and to have the house bursting at the seams with happy people.
Though its certainly not a focal point tucked away in the back right corner, it was nice to know the gas fireplace works and that its so pretty.
 Aiden's room....new windows and primer and the hole in the closet wall repaired.
Looking into the (pink) hallway.
 Picking up flooring....
 ...and installing it.
 Ready for move-in!  His first night in there was the night before Thanksgiving.

He's always the one who moves beds when we have a respite/guest and since August he's been in a temporary room and he's never complained.

Aiden was SOOO excited about being in his own room.  He was SO proud and made sure to give everyone the tour at Thanksgiving.  Only then did we realize how much it meant to him to have his own space and it made us feel so bad that we didn't make him more of a priority.  Honestly, we didn't think he cared.
 But he's in there now and has Uncle Tony's old furniture, which fits just right.  I was a little nervous about having him a floor removed from us, but he's done fine.  He never needs us in the night, but I have the monitor on, just in case.

The walls are Sherwin Williams "Universal Khaki", the same that's in R's room.  I'm trying to keep things neutral so we have the flexibility to move people around as needs arise and people change.
 Across the hall from Aiden is "the tool room", which is the third and last bedroom on the second floor and will someday be a guest room.
 After finding some people who would move into the old house, we had to shift gears and get the rest of our things out.  You know, the stuff that gets left because you don't need it but can't throw it away or don't have a place for it.
 Such as....three bridesmaid dresses for my two sisters and sister-in-law's weddings.

This is proof that the size on the tag doesn't matter.  Dress on the right is from 1997.  Dress on the left is from 2004.  Dress in the middle, 2008.  Though I gained five pounds and had two kids in between '97 and '08, my dress size went down by two sizes.  That makes no sense!  Its all a marketing ploy, People.

And now that I see it in print that the dress is from 1997, I'm thinking MAYBE I could get rid of it.
 This stove has worked hard for us for about 13 years and now, with the prospect of others moving in, it was clear we need to replace it.  Now there's a shiny young one in its place.
 I'll miss hearing the kids laughing, playing and fighting out on the swing set through the kitchen windows.
 Back at the new house, the tree is up and the ceilings are a bit lower, but our angel doesn't seem to mind too much.

 The guys hit the "nook" hard this past weekend, gutting it, wiring it and insulating it.

 Its at the end of the hall on the second floor and will be a community space for the kids since they are not allowed in each other's bedrooms.
 While the men had access, I also got lighting on my porch.  Can't wait to be out there on summer evenings!

And that's where we're at....we have several things we'd like to get done before Christmas, so if it works out, I'll go back to posting the updates once a week....until it comes to a screeching halt with tax season.


LuAnn said...

WOW!!! Looks great. How cute is Aiden and his new room too.

Michele said...

Love the pictures! Awww, Aiden enjoy your own room!