Monday, December 30, 2013

House Project, Week 39

Well, the 18 days Shaun had set aside to work on our house got whittled away to much less, so I had to re-work my wishlist a bit.  Even though Shaun had lots of unforseen things come up, he was still able to get quite a bit done.

My kitchen flooring arrived earlier than expected, delivered right to our front porch.  

 The guys leveled some of the floor, mostly where we'd taken out a wall.



Two days before Christmas....
One day before Christmas...
There is still the finish work to be done, but we are closer than ever and I am over-the-moon about the floor!

We gave the kitchen a good run and found it to be very workable, even with many cooks and dishwashers.
And kids underfoot.  :)

I wasn't sure what to do with the skylight, but there are switched outlets up there, so I felt obligated to do something.  I have an exciting plan for next year!
 Light fixtures got put in...

 And the tool room got mostly cleared out, though we had to nix plans to complete this room before Christmas.
Seven basement windows got replaced, which will help seal up the house and help with heating costs.
 Also in an effort to seal up the house, Shaun insulated and sheetrocked this "nook".  After taping and many coats of mud plus a good sanding, Shaun painted the space.

I wanted to have fun colors in there for the kids and Avery requested orange and blue.
 Blue and orange it is!
The kids quickly set up shop with blankets and bean bags.  Shaun bought a $25 DVD player so they'll be able to watch movies in there.  I think its going to be a great community space where boys and girls can hang out together OUT of the bedrooms.

 The dining room worked well, once again seating 22 people all in the same space.  After dinner, we were able to tear down the folding tables and set up theater seating for our Christmas talent show.
Though we don't love car trouble, Shaun is thankful to have a dry garage to work in and he's been lighting up our old woodstove in there, making it warm when they're working.

 This was likely the last of the progress for a while, since Shaun starts tax season this week.  Its all good...we are living very comfortably now.  However, if there are updates to show, I will.


LuAnn said...

Lisa- tell Avery I love her color choices. What a fun room. The kitchen floor looks great too. Happy new year to your family. Joel is performing a wedding tomorrow night, then off to Milwaukee. We leave very early for Florida. My best friends son is getting married on the 3rd. Look forward to some warmth for a few days.

Meg A. said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the kitchen floor! Warms up the space so much! That nook is genius!