Wednesday, September 23, 2009

An Intruder

Yesterday I got all three kids down for naps at the same time and Shaun was out of the house working. Ahhh...precious work time! After a bit, I took a bathroom break, something that doesn't happen very often during the day, as any mother who has had or does have pre-school children plus an infant can attest to.

While I was in there, I suddenly heard a man's voice call out, "Hello, hello, hello?" It was a voice I did not recognize and I'd left the bathroom door partly open since I was alone in the house. My mind started scrambling...what should I do? Well, privacy won out, and I slowly closed the bathroom door and locked it.

I heard several footsteps so I stayed still to try to hear where this person was walking. We have an old, creaky can't exactly sneak around. I was thankful to have my phone clipped to me, as it usually is during business hours. I was debating whether to call Shaun to ask him what to do or to just call 911 but I hadn't heard further noise, so after a few minutes I cautiously opened the door.

Making sure to keep my back against the walls, I made a round downstairs to be sure no one was there. Once I was satisfied that it was just the kids and I in the house, I kind of shrugged my shoulders and went back to work. I must insert here that we have a very open door policy in our home. People come in and out at any hour and it is extremely rare that someone knocks, so part of me was chiding myself for making a big deal out of the situation.

About three hours later I went to grab my camera off the mantel. It wasn't there. Hmm...I could have sworn I'd left it there, must be upstairs then where I was taking pictures of the girls earlier. Not up there either. Mild panic started to set in as I started to put two and two together....the several steps I'd heard earlier. I was positive I'd left it on the mantel, but I asked Shaun to help me look for it anyway. Gone.

At this point I called the local police department and they sent an officer to our house. Thankfully I had original boxes and serial numbers. He did his report and said he'd be checking the pawn shops.

This is the crime scene. I'd propped the front door open to let in some warm air. The mantel is on the right, the tiny half-bath on the left. (Never mind the floors that are in desperate need of refinishing)

Here's the mantel, my camera was on that white envelope, just steps away from the door.
That night at dinner I said, for the girls' benefit, "I'm so sad about my camera, I think that only ice-cream will make me feel better." Amanda very sweetly told me that I didn't need to be sad because the policeman was going to help me find my camera. We ended up at Dairy Queen anyway.

There's more to the story, which I'll continue tomorrow, since this is plenty long already. I am grateful that the kids are safe and that I am, too. They were my main concern, obviously and I can't help but give God thanks that I "just happened" to be safely tucked away in the bathroom at the time. There's no way to know what might have happened if I'd come around the corner and surprised him. Today I'm thanking God for his protection for my family.
For in the day of trouble he will keep me safe in his dwelling; he will hide me in the shelter of his tabernacle and set me high upon a rock.
Psalm 27:5


Momagoose said...

Wow, Lisa. This is crazy. I am SO SO beyond happy you are all okay!!! God's hand upon our lives, even to the point of a bathroom break at just the right time is amazing! Wow!

Darla said...

wow, that is scary. i am glad you are all ok. i was hanging on the edge of my seat while i read that! i am locking my doors from now on!!! you do the same lady! i am so thankful for God's protection.

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Lisa! Oh, this is so crazy. THANK GOD you and the babies were safe. It is beyond me how some people have so much nerve. I'm praying right now that your camera is found and that it is returned to you.

Stephanie said...

Oh dear! That is SO scary! I always lock the door when my hubby is gone...I'm a little paranoid. Glad to hear you are all safe and hope you find your camera soon!

Amy said...

It's amazing how even in 'bad' circumstances you can clearly see God's hand in it and His faithfulness.

Meg A. said...

I am beyond shocked Lisa! And beyond grateful that you guys are ok. I was reading your post and kept waiting for you to discover your Dad or something in the kitchen and it was all a funny little story. The fact that you were in the bathroom when this happened and the kids were sleeping soundly is such an amazing reminder of God's faithfulness in such a crazy world. Praying for you!

Vanessa/Chelsea said...

EEK! I know how nice your camera was! I have been blogging without one since July, and cell phone pics are just not the same! 3 houses were robbed on my mom's street in the last couple of weeks. They even took a washing machine and dryer! Somethings going on around here...Maybe lock up for a while! So glad everyone is okay and staying in the bathroom Was the right thing to do. I sure it feels nice to know that you did the right thing in a scary situation!

mom said...

Praise God and I'm proud of you for seeing all the good instead of focusing on the bad. I will journal tonight about my thankfulness.

LuAnn said...

Lisa - I am so glad that everyone is o.k. how scary - keep that front door locked girl. God is good !!!! Sorry about the camera

Bethany G. said...

Yikes, who just walks in a house with a door wide open? You would think that would look like someone is obviously home. Thank God you were in the bathroom at the time. Just shows you that God is always there, even in our times of trouble. So glad you're okay. Easy to replace a camera, impossible to replace you!

bentonflocke said...

OMG - this is so crazy! Thank God you and the children were safe!.

Cross my fingers you´ll get your camera back!