Sunday, September 27, 2009

Project 365, Week 39

I got the wind knocked out of my sails (is that how the saying goes?) for Project 365 this week when my camera was stolen. Every time I pick up my DSLR, I feel like I am learning something new and always trying different things. Not having it has made me realize what an extension of me it really is. On a normal day, I have it in my hands every couple hours.

Counting my blessings, I had just switched out batteries so I could charge my good one. The one that was in my camera when it was taken lasts about 20 pictures before it dies. Also, I had uploaded my pictures the day before so there was only a handful on my (very big) memory card. Unfortunately, my good lense was on at the time, which is a huge bummer.

Anyway, this week it was a little sad taking pictures, but just because I am totally spoiled rotten.

September 20
We had a gang over to watch football. I took a little break from watching to take some pictures of my niece, Alayna. Sweetness.

September 21
My baby girl. Her favorite word right now is, "Sure!"

September 22
A family outing to DQ after the camera-stealing incident, taken with my phone.

September 23
Love, love to snuggle with my little guy. Safe to say he likes it too.

September 24
Shaun set up Aiden's crib so he took a nap in there. Pink sheets was all I had...we'll remedy that soon. This bumper pad I got at my favorite store, TJ M*xx on clearance for $7! Now I just need to get my sister Bethany over here to help me decorate his room/the guest room.

September 25
Amanda is thrilled with her new nightgown...couldn't be more perfect for her!

September 26
The kids and I went to watch Uncle Nathan go skydiving for the first time. He came back in one piece and all smiles! Amazing weather.

Sara is hosting this project....thank you!


LuAnn said...

Lisa - still sad for you about the camera incident.
Love the new jammies too !!!!

I know this week will be filled with new blessings for you !!!!

sara said...

I am so sorry for your camera, but so happy that you are safe. A camera can be replaced!

sky diving! yikes!!! keep me on the ground!

and I think that ice cream is the answer to any problem! :)

fransmomma said...

wow, i'm so sorry your camera was taken. way to power through it though! :)

molly got new pajamas this week too. she's been sleeping in her dresses so we finally bought her some nightgowns.

love the skydiving picture.

bentonflocke said...

beautiful shot of you and Ayden snuggling - love such pictures and I love snuggling with my boys, too!

I´m still so sorry for your camera loss!

Kim said...

You take great pics with just a phone camera. Sorry your good camera was stolen :-( Was the trip to DQ to make you feel better? That would do it for me :-)

"Sure!" is so much better than "No!" LOL

Especially loved the photo of the tiny hand -- precious!

Dena said...

Sorry to hear about your camera. How sad that would be.

The pictures of your niece are so precious. I love the one of the hand. Just made me say aaaawwww.

Heather of the EO said...

I'm sorry about your camera! That's awful. But you've still got great photos here! That boy of yous is getting so BIG. Ugh, it goes so fast.

Darla said...

you did great for having your camera stolen. what a cute nighty, that is perfect for Amanda. seeing her twirl in that long nighty- of course you know what i will say next- brought back great memories!!! my girls loved dancing around in their long nighties and i loved watching them. thank you again for another memory, i may need to start paying you for all this! haha.

beckyjomama said...

That stinks! As much as I claim to dislike my camera and it's moody ways, I would be lost without it!!!

But you still took some GREAT pics!! Good job!

rita said...

I feel your loss. In fact, this week I accidentally erased 50 important photos and was reminded of when I lost my camera in Mexico with all the photos of the month with students. Oh! Oh! Oh! I did recover my latest loss, however. And you have certainly done well even without your beloved tool.
Beautiful babies! Sweet snuggleupaguss! Twirly toddlers!
The sweet joys of life. Enjoy!