Monday, September 21, 2009

Ten Weeks Old

Mr. Man is 10 weeks old. We've started getting smiles everyday from him, which is so much fun. He seems to be recognizing and looking for his sisters more, too. Clothes are getting too small for him by the day and my pile of it-doesn't-fit-anymore is becoming a tower. Walks are enjoyable to him; I think it is the combination of the fresh air and sunshine and the fact that I am carrying him.

Not wanting to take this time for granted, I try to enjoy every minute with him. Aiden is a love and his cheeks get lots of kisses and nuzzles.

This week he has started to gain enough control that he is able to find his thumb. Its stinkin' cute but I can't let him continue with it....there've been too many horror stories about the damage it does and how difficult it is to break. Soon, I think, we'll be able to put a toy in his hand instead. He's begun drooling, so he'll be wanting to chomp on something.


sara said...

I had 2 thumb is wonderful when they are young that they can sooth themselves, but horrible to break! I forced a paci on my 3rd to keep him from sucking his thumb....much easier to break!!!

Vanessa/Chelsea said...

So cute! Vanessa sucked her thumb until she was 24 months...It was realy nice for me :). And cute too. She stopped as soon as we put a bandaid on it! I know we got lucky though, and preventing it to begin with is probably the smart thing! It kills me to see 3 and 4 year olds walking around with binkies in their mouths...It's so bad for there language development..not to mention their teeth.

bentonflocke said...

really really cute! What a miracle every day!

Darla said...

i love his outfit. he is growing so fast!