Monday, November 16, 2009

Blog Stuff

The other day I was fooling around with blogger, trying to get a new blog set up, and I stumbled upon an update.  I think it has some nice, fun things and that came at a good time for me.  You see, I was editing the HTML (scary in there!) and unimaginably found myself using algebra.  Alegbra!  Fortunately the same cute guy who helped me pass that course in highschool was still by my side patiently helping me.  He completed the equivelent of Calculus IV at UCONN, but my brain does not work that way. sidetracked thinking about that smart, sexy math tutor I now call my husband.  Anyway, this update makes the pictures x-large with the click of a algrebra needed!  It has a few other nice things, the downside is I have not yet found spell-checker.  Anyway...IF you care to check out the update, I found it under the Settings tab>Basic tab, then its most of the way down the bottom of that page under the title "global settings".

Also, I recently found a tutorial on adding your email address so that people can easily respond to comments you leave if they'd like.

Under blogger Dashboard:

  • Click on the Edit Profile button on the left hand side of the screen (next to your photo/icon).
  •  Under the Privacy section you will see a box marked "Show my email address". Check this box.
  •  Under the Identity section you will see a box marked "Email Address". Enter your email address.
  •  Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on Save Profile.
Replies to your blog comments will no longer be emailed to  Makes communication much easier....if you care.

There you have it...a little useful or not useful information to make your blog all that it can be.  Oh wait....that's the all that you can be.


Momagoose said...
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Momagoose said...

lol...I deleted my comment to reword
Thank you for this post...there are so many times I want to "reply" to comments...awesome!

mel said...

Yay, just added my email address, thanks!

sara said...

I hope more people will add their email much easier to respond.

I wondered how to get my pictures bigger if I wanted to...thx. that whole html suff....scary!

LuAnn said...

Thanks for the scoop!!!!