Friday, November 20, 2009

Three Peas in a Pod

This is a post that Avery will some day be mad at me for doing, but its not every family that can say they have three in diapers so I wanted to document this small window when our life's savings is going to purchase diapers.

Avery has been potty trained since she was 22 months old, except for naps and bedtime.  Several months before her third birthday we cut out the nap diaper and now we are working on the bedtime one.  In fact, the reason I decided to take pictures now is that she's had five dry nights in a row...this could be it!  Amanda is still both nap and bedtime and super happy with that.  We started potty training her over a year ago and I think she'd still prefer to wear a diaper all the time.  When children are old enough to put on their own diapers, that's clearly a sign that its time.

Avery, if you ever read this, I want you to know that you thought of and organized this next picture.  I was going to be satisfied to just get a quick one of the three of you.  Maybe its because you don't go to preschool so you have little to compare to, but it really doesn't seem to bother you that you put a diaper on every night, just like your sister and brother.

Love those rolls!

And feet!


sara said...

You're right....she's not going to like this one! :) But I sure enjoyed seeing them!! I love the one where they are both hugging Aiden..he has a look on his face like "mooooom, get me out of here!" so sweet!!!

Meg A. said...

That pic of Aiden staring at the girls is just too much! I think it might be a good representation of life to come! :)

Momagoose said...

I almost cried...heartmeltingly SWEET!!!!

Vanessa said...

I LOVE those pictures! It is a good reminder, that although Avery is the oldest and mature for her age, underneeth it all, she's still just a baby...2 years from now, you will think how little she was back then, now...and, for the record, half (or more) of Sydney's preschool class are in diapers at night! Hopefully, when she is older, rather than being embarrassed, she will see that you loved every part about her!

LuAnn said...

I loved these !!! Can't get over how much Aiden is changing but I guess that is what babies do.