Sunday, November 15, 2009

Project 365, Week 46

November 8
Shaun took the girls with him when he went to play football and I took Aiden out with me to rake leaves.  We were both so happy being out in the fresh air on a beautiful day.  Oh yeah, and then I stopped for a couple pictures.  :)

November 9
After Avery's dance class, the girls and I went to visit my sister Bethany at her salon.  It was after hours, so we had the run of the place.  She trimmed the girls' hair and thinned mine.  The girls thought they were hot stuff!  After, we ducked into Target for tights (naturally, Avery immediately spotted the black sparkly ones)and then went out to dinner, just us was a special night.

November 10
St. Agnes is a center for teens who are pregnant or who have small children.  A friend asked if I would go along with her for a photoshoot so the moms can have pictures to keep or to give for Christmas.  Together we photographed about 15 people in just a couple hours, including 4 brand-new babies.  The room where we worked was very hot and we were exhausted at the end, but it was so much fun!  It gives me great pleasure to be using my camera (and talent??) for God.

As a bonus, Shaun's grandparents live in the same town, so I dropped the girls off there so they could get a little time together.  All four were pleased with that was a wild, sugar 45 minute ride home....that is as it should be after you visit great-grandparents!  And poor Aiden chose not to take the bottle, but instead waited 6 hours for me to return.

November 11
I went to the hospital for an MRI on my knee.  Scary paperwork to fill out before!   The nurse was telling me it was a good thing that with my first (hopefully only!) MRI I would only go in to my waist.  She said it would give me a good idea how I could handle it in case I ever needed to do a full-body one in the future.  Apparently for many they recommend taking an anti-anxiety med prior to going in so the patient can remain calm.  I thought how bad can it be?  Well, for me it seems, not bad at all.  Towards the end of the 30 minutes I woke up to the sound of my own snoring.  Hey, a busy mom of two pre-schoolers and an infant grabs sleep whenever/wherever she can. :)

November 12
The girls' cousin-in-law came over to play for the morning.  She is one day younger than Amanda, but it was funny to watch how Avery took care of Bethany and treated her like a baby.  Her sister however, is held to a very high standard.  When Bethany's grandma came to pick her up Amanda told her, "Bethany got the balls off the [pool] table and I was not proud of her."

Its quite possible that girl is going to be a judge someday.  One of her favorite mottos is justice for all.

November 13

November 14
Over the past couple months Bear has taken on more of a personality.  He/she has to put his/her pajamas on at bedtime and is often changing clothes throughout the he was a princess.  He's a good sport and well loved.

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LuAnn said...

I enjoy your pictures of the kids so much. The things you capture are awesome!! Blessings to you this week.

sara said...

sheesh, you had your hair thinned? I am just trying to keep mine in my head! ha!

I laughed that you fell asleep in the's like me almost falling asleep at the dentist....hey, get me horizontal and I am going to fall asleep!

Great week as usual!

rita said...

I would fall asleep in that position too!
Wonderful photos. I can just imagine how grateful those ladies will be for your photos!

Momagoose said...

Too many comments...great week! :o) I just love getting to know you more and are such a wonderful woman of God and mother!!!

Kim said...

Since you do such an amazing job capturing wonderful photos of your own kids, I'm sure those moms greatly appreciate the time you took to take photos of their kids :-)

Can so relate to falling asleep during the MRI; have done the same thing with other tests that required me to lie still. lol Yeah, we'll take those naps wherever we can get them!

Have a great week!