Sunday, November 22, 2009

Project 365, Week 47

November 15
I didn't even know Avery had taken this picture, but we'll go with it because you can see the swelling in my one knee.  The results of the MRI showed a bruised kneecap, which is what has caused the fluid build-up.  There is also some fraying and tendonitis.  The doctor offered both surgery and physical therapy as options but said they were not necessary.  I can start using it, I just need to "listen to my body".  So, I'm back to the same old boring excuses that everyone else has for not working out...time to get these last 10 pounds of baby weight off. 

November 16
Caught these two conspiring together.  Amanda was showing Aiden which button to push to use the camera...oh, she must have a list a mile long of things to teach him.  :)

November 17
Avery is starting to read pretty well so I picked up a reading sheet from the library and she crosses off a square with each book she reads.  Made a rookie mom mistake and assumed because the library had the sheets out, there was a program running.  When I inquired about what the prizes were and was told there were none, Avery was already well on her way.  So, I brought a prize to them that they could give to her...a gift certificate so she could take her family out to ice-cream.

She was very proud and we were all very full!  You go, Reader-girl!

November 18
Last year, on Shaun's side of the family, we decided to pare our giving to each other way down and instead pool our money together and adopt a couple families in need.  We enjoyed it so much (ALWAYS better to give than recieve, isn't it?) we chose to do it again.  This year we had two families.  My super-organized-sister-in-law-who-needs-to-start-a wedding-planner-business Sarah, had gone shopping online and figured out within $10 what we could get them within our budget, so all we had to do was go around the store and find the items.  Thanks to good planning, good sales and a timely 30% coupon, we were able to get a lot for our money.  Then we went back to Micah and Sienna's apartment where we organized and wrapped everything and ate pizza.  If you are in the area, this is the organization...we've been very impressed with how they run things.

November 19
Avery was reading to her brother and sister who were paying close attention. 

November 20
My dear friend came home for a couple days and we got to spend most of the day together.  We talked and laughed and spent some time getting to know each other's kids.  She was like chocolate for my soul.

November 21
Once all of my family had in-laws, we decided to move our Thanksgiving celebration to the Saturday before, to ensure we could all be together and to free up Thursday for "the in-laws".  Its become a special day for us, even though my brother cannot be there (we missed you guys!)  For the first time, the kids outnumbered the adults...10 adults, 11 kids.  So much to be thankful for, just in that one room!

Sara is taking a break from her break to host all of our projects.


sara said...

you had a great week!!

I just love seeing the pictures of your children b/c it almost always flashes me back to a scene from MY children!!

My oldest was always reading or "teaching" the other two. Once they got a bit older they played "school" a lot...guess who was the teacher?!!

it's always good to spend time with friends! my best friend and her family are coming for Thanksgiving! can't wait!

Looks like you had a wonderful celebration with your family!!

Kim said...

Those precious little hands wrapped around the camera were almost too much for my heart :-) Lots of great photos this week, and also really enjoyed big sister reading to siblings. Hope the knee is back to normal size!

LuAnn said...

I enjoyed your pictures once again!!!
I love your family Thanksgiving picture.
My brother will not be there this year either.
They are only 10 of us.

Dena said...

Great photos. I love the pictures of your daughter reading, and I love hearing of a child's love for reading.

I'm sorry you have a bum knee. Hopefully it gets better really soon.