Monday, December 14, 2009

Avery's Nutcracker II

This past Saturday evening found us at Avery's second performance of The Nutcracker in a different town.  She was just as excited as the first time and did equally as well.  All smiles!  She looked SO little up there on stage, not the big girl we treat her as.  (She's the stinkin' cute Spice Drop in green, four from the left).

She was in movie-star mode when she emerged from backstage, tightly clutching the flowers her daddy had given her, a stage smile still plastered on her face. Her grandparents and Auntie showered her with praise.

We're so thankful to our families who took time out to go to an out of the way town and pay dearly to watch Avery be on stage for three minutes.  She was so pleased you were present and we are grateful for your support!

(Bobbi, Grandma, Auntie Sarah, Pop, Kiki, Grammy, Daddy...and Aiden at his Nutcracker debut)

On the way home, Avery was hinting that since we'd stopped for ice-cream after the show last week, it would only make sense to do so again.  Well, it was COLD so we settled on munchkins and hot complaints. is my little girl this big??

Be glad, Zion Mountain; Dance, Judah's daughters! He does what he said he'd do!

Psalm 48:11


mandy said...

this is so sweet! i am 'following' you now. your pictures and children are so great!

Momagoose said...

She is gorgeous! She has such a beautiful stage presence and captivating smile! Too sweet!!!

Darla said...

i just saw the nutcracker this weekend for the first time ever...i remember these little spice drops but none as cute as your Avery. when Devyn saw these pictures, she said 'is that the one that is Me?' lol. i have been telling them how much the girls remind me of them. i told her 'yes' that is you. haha.

sara said...

and a star is born!!!


Joel said...
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LuAnn said...

She is so darn cute - How fun for her and your family!!!

mel @ the larson lingo said...

LOVE this! She looks so old! Great pictures. This makes me so excited...I signed Kate up for ballet & tap starting in January, I can't wait for her performance in June!

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

That last picture literally made tears spring to my eyes. What a beautiful, gorgeous blessing she is.