Sunday, December 13, 2009

Project 365, Week 50

December 6
Our first snow of the season and the girls wanted to be out in it as soon as they got up.  Amanda took her gloves off, 'cause its easier to eat the snow without them, then came in crying because her hands were freezing.

December 7
The two little guys were watching Letter Factory.

December 8
Parent Observation Day at Amanda's gymnastics.  The one of Aiden is just me playing with camera settings. (clearly the one I chose here was wrong, but I still love that face)

December 10
Our house project continues.  The painting hasn't happened yet, but the big, drafty windows have been replaced.

December 11
My dad asked if Amanda and Avery could go to a tea party at an assisted living home.  Since Avery had Nutcracker rehearsal she could not, but it was good for Amanda to get to do something special alone.  Here's my dad and Amanda, dressed in their holiday finery.  Hours later when we were back together, I heard Amanda say to Avery "Sorry we didn't took you...we didn't mean to."

December 12
I had two nephews and two nieces in the Christmas play at church.  It was humorous, well put together and they kids did really well.

We ducked out of church a few minutes early to head to Avery's second performance of The Nutcracker. 

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sara said...

your pictures this week were wonderful!!

live and learn with the hands and snow!! :)

it is so fun to see Aiden change so much week to week. I know you probably don't see it like we do, but I love it!!!

just looking at a picture of those guys standing on the makeshift scaffolding made my stomach turn! yikes!

It is nice when our children get some one-on-one time with the grandparents!! Doesn't happen as often when you have multiple kids!

Vanessa/Chelsea said...

What an amazing picture of the nutcracker! It seems like yesterday that the girls were at miss K's trying to ignore the fact that they were the only ones who actually wanted to be there. She looks wonderful on stage and having been there to see her afterward, I doubt that smile went away all night! U must be proud! And now down to business! May I grab this pic off your Blog and use it for mine? :)

Kim said...

What a wonderful experience for Avery to be part of The Nutcracker! Love, love, love that ballet :-) AND how great that Amanda had a special time with her grandpa. Too cute what she said afterward :-) How can you not love that adorable little baby face of Aiden's? Great pic!

Fun week of photos!

rita said...

Where did this week go? Just realized i hadn't visited your Week 50~delightful photos, as always. God bless you, young mama! You are a dear!