Sunday, December 27, 2009

Project 365, Week 52

As I was going back through the week selecting a picture for each day, I thought how hard it is to believe that an entire week has gone by.  Then, I started the post with the title Week 52.  52?!  Now that is inconceivable.  And that thought process points to the fact that I am getting old.  You never hear a sixteen year old talking about how fast time goes...its only old people that lament the swift passing of time.

Though it required a certain level of commitment, I am so thankful I participated in the project this year.  I feel like I have created such a be able to go back through 2009 and see a little glimpse of what my life looked like...what our daily family life was like with two pre-schoolers and then as a young family of five.  Soon, I will turn this past year's posts into a hard copy blog book and have an instant collection of memories, most of which would have not have been remembered.  As a side to that all that, it gives my friends and family the lazy man's way of keeping in touch with our family. 

And so, it is with that thinking in mind that I have decided to continue Project 365 in 2010.  Can you stand it another year, Shaun?  The camera out everyday?

Anyway, is this not the best week of the year?  I just love every part of Christmas.

December 20
Christmas at Sarah's with Shaun's family.

December 21
My dad and his wife came and scooped up all three kids for the entire day.  What a gift this close to Christmas!  I worked through my to-do list which included a trip to get paint for the entryway in our home.  I sighed when I saw the new pile of snow from the 20 or so inches that we woke up to on Sunday.

December 22
This sheetrock dust was all over my house from the sanding.  SO much better than plaster dust, but oh, what a mess!

December 23
I'm only posting this because my friend Shelva was over and thought it was hilarious.  I didn't find the humor in a three year-old doing this, but perhaps you will.

More Christmas celebrations with Shaun's family, this time including his grandfather, his aunt and two of his three cousins.  I love to watch Grampy with the kids.  What must it be like to be 90 years-old and holding your great-grandchild?  It has to be emotional.

December 24
One of my very favorite events of each year.  The Christmas Eve candlelight service at my sisters' church that we've been attending for the last 11 years.

December 25
Christmas!  Looking a little scruffy at the end of the day (not to say the beginning was necessarily better) but we got in the family picture.

December 26
More family time with 11 of the 14 cousins on my side.

Go to Sara's for other projects.  Want to join in this year??  Sara has committed to hosting it again this year.  You won't be sorry...c'mon...what do you say?  2010 starts Friday!


Darla said...

i love your week of photos, they made me smile. i am really close to saying that i will be doing this project has been a huge blessing! and who knows what a year holds? they are all special in their own ways.

sara said...

You are right...Christmas week is the best!!!

Two of your pictures made me cringe.....the snow (don't miss it) and that dust...yikes!!!

I have to say that I did laugh at the picture of Amanda with her doll. When we moved from IN, I was cleaning Alyssa's room after all the furniture was out and found that she had written, very tiny, her full name all the way down the molding on the floor on one side of the room......she was way older than 3!! :)

I think your Grampy is thinking "kid, it passes so fast so enjoy it!!"

I blew up the picture of all the cousins and it was so fun to see each kid's expression....priceless!

I am so glad you are going to join us for another year!

Kim said...

So many great photos of your week! Had to laugh a little at the cousins photo at the end, and the fussy little ones :-) Great family photo too!

LuAnn said...

I love Christmas week, food, family, cousins and just so many pictures to choose from.
I am glad you are continuing in 2010. I would miss seeing what your kids are up too.
Blessings to you!!!

fransmomma said...

oh my goodness, the snow!! we get flurries here that last for about 10 minutes and people are calling each other up becuase its 'snowing outside!!' lol.
on a side note, you look fabulous! ;-)

beckyjomama said...

GREAT pics - love the one of your sweet fam! I will certainly be back next year ... hopfully on a more regular basis!

Esthermay said...

LOVE the dresses on the girls on 12/20. AdoRAbLe!!!

12/21 – please send your dad and his wife to my house Lol!

Sheetrock dust – btdt – but that is an AWESOME piece of furniture that holds the annoying dust.

...I’m with you. No humor there at all. Seriously. It is at this point I confiscate all crayons and pencils and pens...

Grandpas and great-Grandpas with babies are The MOSt PRECious photos. This belongs in a coffee-table book.

...totally understand the piles of snow. We already have a drift that once frozen will allow us access to the roof of our house -- LOVE IT!

Meg A. said...

Yay! So glad to see this and read that you are going to keep this up. I would be bummed if you didn't! :)

rita said...

What a privilege to 'visit' your home and family during Christmas week!
And great to think that we will continue these visits throughout 2010!
You got your family photo in! I'm envious, not easy to rally the troops for a together-pose.

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

You stuck it out the entire year - good for you! I'm kinda sad that it all went by the wayside for me - the blogging, the Project, everything...

Family picture is great - I see no scruffiness. :) Your kids are just growing up right in front of you, aren't they? I had 19 posts in my reader from you, which means I haven't been by in a while, and I can already see such a change in them all....