Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Day

Ok...there are a lot of pictures here.  BUT, it IS Christmas and we DID have 25 people here Christmas morning.  Yes, that's 25, including 11 children under 11.  Tim and Elizabeth, we missed you guys!!

The blessing of family was not lost on anyone present.  I heard several different people throughout the day proclaiming God's faithfulness and evidence in our lives.  Not all of our Christmases have been this merry, but all of us who were present serve a God full of Grace and Love and He has healed and restored much of what was lost.  We are so thankful for a big God who cares about the little people. :)

We've been celebrating Christmas with my mom's sister and her family for 30 years.  They've always lived in New York and we used to do every other year between NY and CT but then my family of six started getting married and growing and now live in six different households so they've graciously made the trek down to CT for the last 12 years so we don't have to rent a school bus to get our family to their house.

As our family grew, we made the decision several years ago to pick names.  All the adults pick an adult name and all the kids pick a kid's name.  Its become a fun tradition to try to guess our secret "santa".  Merry Christmas, Avery-girl!

However, we all still do stockings for each could be argued that they have gotten a bit out of control...

My cousin Melody was on duty the full time she was here.  If she wasn't holding one of the three babies, she was upstairs playing PS3 hockey with the older ones.  She was in high demand and never once asked for two minutes of quiet.  Aiden has missed her sorely, especially the first time I made him sit in his walker...all by himself.  He said If Melody were her, SHE would hold me!

The 2009 First Christmas babies.  Rocco, Aiden, Levi.

So, do you believe me that these two are sisters?  :)

Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Lee...two of the most dear people in the world to me.  Its hard to even put into words what they've meant to my life.

Aiden got some big-boy Tonka trucks, truck books and his first tool set. 

In the evening, we had our first annual Talent Show.  We had stories, guitar and piano music (Chris is playing around the corner) and dancing.  Our family ended up with an "F"...Avery decided she was too shy to read and Amanda followed her queue when it came time to sing.  Maybe next year.  However, the show was tons of fun and everyone else did a great job!

My cousin Johnny works retail in Philly.  He took the 4+ hour train ride Christmas Eve night and headed back at 7 AM the day after Christmas.  Thanks for making the effort for 24 hours Johnny!

Baby's First Christmas.  Love you, little guy!

Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is Christ the Lord.
Luke 2:11


mom said...

We had ourselves a TIME!

LuAnn said...

Lisa - these pictures are great !!!
What a fun time with your family.

The one of you and Aiden at the end is priceless.

Happy New year and God's Blessings to you and your wonderful family!!!!

sara said... about all I can get out right now. You have taken me into a whole new world. I have such a small family (1 brother, 2 cousins) and we live so far away, we aren't together much. But even if we were and I added ALL my extended family AND my husbands, we wouldn't have that many people at Christmas!!

That looks wonderful!!

and that last picture....well, that just took my breath away....beautiful!

Andrea said...

BEAUTIFUL picture of you and Aiden at the end. One to save.

You guys have a wonderful family and know how to have a good time.

Melody said...

I decided it was time for me to start commenting since I read your blog so regularly! What a special day this was. Yay for babies :) I had so much fun snuggling with Aiden and playing with the kids. And of course hanging out with the adults too! Thanks for being such a fabulous host! Love you.