Sunday, December 6, 2009

Project 365, Week 49

November 29
We celebrated my nephew Jared's birthday.  He was my very first nephew/niece and I can't believe he's 11!  Sarah put out a beautiful, yummy spread for everyone.

Avery and I had to duck out early to make it back for her mandatory picture day (not this one :)).

November 30
Nana and Avery squeezed in a couple more stories before they headed back to Florida...

...while Amanda and Aiden were content playing in the kitchen.

December 1
An unseasonably warm day for us, so I put the kids in the stroller and walked to my errands.  This is Riley patiently waiting outside Walgreens.

December 2
My sisters and I went to my dad's for dinner to celebrate his birthday.

December 3
The little guys helping me do a little shopping

December 4
Nutcracker rehersal at the high school...Avery intently watching the other performers amidst a sea of pink leotards.  They have found crafty ways to get around the mamarazzi.  I never saw her in her costume until the actual performance.

December 5
The Nutcracker!  She did great and was all smiles for the duration.

Here's the link for all the other projects that Sara is hosting.  We're in the countdown!


Dena said...

We had an unseasonably warm day this past week as well. Although we're paying for it now with winter storm warnings. Supposed to have a chance for a combined total of over 12" of snow this coming week.

My niece is in a production of the Nutcracker as well. She started out as a little girl and is now 14 and has done it every year. So fun to watch them on the stage.

Andrea said...

Wow, on that last one, I almost didn't recognize that as Avery. I like to see how Riley is such a wonderful dog. He is great. Happy to see that red sweater fits Aiden. It brings back memories of our little guy wearing it.

LuAnn said...

What fun pictures this week. I love all the family time.

sara said...

wow, your nephew is named Jared and his mom is Sara? very weird! :)

I'm sure it was hard for Nana to leave....Florida is a long way.

love the picture of Aiden looking at Amanda....looks like he loves his sister! You need to take a picture of that look so you don't forget it when they get old enough to fight! ha!

Her big day! so glad the performance went well!!!

Amy said...

love Avery's crocs and Amanda's holding the playbill perfectly!

Darla said...

looks like a great week for you, wish i could have seen Avery's performance. did you get any video?

rita said...

Super duper photos, but then you are a super mom and mamarazzi ;)
So fun to get acquainted with other family members.

Momagoose said...

sweet Riley!
Love this last photo...Avery's smile could not be any bigger!
And...what is that around Sean's neck??????? LOL...Daddy's r the best! :o)