Sunday, December 20, 2009

Project 365, Week 51

December 13
This is a bad picture, but it represents our day of having people over to watch football.  Amanda planted herself between her two uncles, in her princess outfit with her pink Polly car.  They are so good with her!

December 14
The girls played so well together all day.  Here, they are hiding from the Nazis.

December 15
While the two little ones were sleeping, Avery and I worked on some cookies.  We both thought my cookie press was really cool.  When it came time to decorate, she didn't want to hear anything about red and green colors.

December 16
My mom has been coming over with some regularity to take the kids from me for a couple hours so I can work.  Its so nice to have a block of time to count on and the kids love time with her, too.

December 17
Amanda was fresh out of her bath and just too sweet sitting in her little rocking chair, holding her bear, in her bunny towel...I had to take some pictures.  Some came out good...some, not so much.

December 18
Avery was anxiously waiting to be picked up for some fun with her Pop and Kiki and cousin Allison.

Amanda had dress rehearsal for The Nutcracker.  I had to keep her quiet backstage, while holding my purse and camera bag, pants and shoes and...oh yes, Aiden.  For an hour.  But, she did look cute.  This little girl has taken a liking to Amanda, almost taking her under her wing.

December 19
Shaun is still working on the house and with all the windows done, the trim and paint should go fairly quickly.  I don't like to watch when Shaun is out on his "scaffolding".

That's our can go check out others here.


Darla said...

Amanda is in the nutcracker too? cool! i love the picture of her in the towel (both) lol, and i love the one of Avery decorating cookies. what precious daughters you have.

fransmomma said...

wow, thats a beautiful staircase with the hardwood. can we see 'after' pictures?? :)

Kim said...

The Nutcracker Ballet is so fun! I took my daughter for the first time when she was 4; she couldn't sit still so it was a good thing we were up in the balcony on the end of a row -- she danced in the aisle :-) Amanda looks adorable in her costume!

All the photos were great. Fun week! Yay for grandmas who help! :-)

Hope you have a wonderful, blessed and best ever Christmas!

sara said...

so sweet..all the pictures. Then I laughed out loud at the picture of Amanda picking her nose!!! That is a blackmail picture for sure!! ha!

that scaffolding still make me nervous just looking at it!!

Merry Christmas! Praying for a very sweet time with your family!

Dena said...

What a great cookie helper you have.

The bath time shots are just too cute!

Such a gorgeous staircase, but yikes, I don't blame you for not wanting to watch.

beckyjomama said...

Great pictures - and I am LOVING your staircase! Not to mention those sweet kiddos!

rita said...

Football watching, an exciting ritual here, too, what with the Colts winning so far...
How blessed to have Mom nearby!
I am fortunate to live close to ALL my grand kids, too.
The nose pic, LOL!
All great!

Esthermay said...

We’ve got this weekly football stuff happening here too. Tonight our Vikings lost and it is a vey somber mood here :-(.

LOVE those chairs!!!! They’d fit very nicely in my Victorian house. And the “Nazis” would be___ ???

You must hide the nose-picking photos. You put these out at graduation open-house and they never forgive you. I know. {don’t do it}

I think I’ve commented before this year about your house, but I’ll say it again. I envy the architecture and all the furniture. It’s fabulous!!!

Merry CHRISTmas, Lisa – and to all your family. I’ve enjoyed visiting you via Project 365. See you next year??!